Is Esteé Lauder Buying BECCA Cosmetics?

Is Esteé Lauder Buying BECCA Cosmetics?

Rumors are circulating this morning about cruelty-free brand BECCA Cosmetics. BECCA is a very popular cruelty-free brand with vegan options that many of us rely on and love. Now rumors are circulating that Esteé Lauder has their eye on purchasing BECCA. Esteé Lauder is a cosmetics giant that has been buying a lot of popular cosmetics brands over the years.

BECCA was set to be sold to two private equity investors this summer for $200 million, but the deal never went through. Now the exclusivity agreement has expired which leaves BECCA open to talk to other potential investors. While Esteé Lauder and BECCA have not confirmed this rumor, it has been reported to WWD that there is interest in Esteé Lauder buying BECCA Cosmetics.

Cruelty-Free Brand List Weekly Update

Cruelty Free Brand List Weekly Update

Did you know that the Cruelty-Free Brand List on Logical Harmony is updated every week? In an effort to make it easier for you to know what changes are happening, we publish a weekly update to let you easily see what brands have been added to the list!

What will be included in these updates? Brands that have recently been added to the cruelty-free list, the grey area list, the brands to avoid list, and the pending brands list. An explanation of what being added to each list means is included below. Make sure to check out the full Cruelty-Free Brand List for even more cruelty-free brands!

Right now, we are in the process of making some changes to streamline our process to add brands to the list. We’d like to be able to add more brands each week, and I bet you would like to see that too! We are also putting together some email templates that you can use to let brands know that you’d like to see them listed on Logical Harmony.

Styli-Style Beautifully Balanced Hypoallergenic Foundation Review

Styli Style Beautifully Balanced Hypoallergenic Foundation Review

I had been aware of Styli-Style (pronounced “Steely-Style”) online for a while and, when I saw that they were at BeautyCon, I was really excited to check out their products in person. Browsing online is nice, but nothing beats seeing the shades and products in person. While I was at their booth, they were kind enough to give me a few products to try out. I have used the Styli-Style Beautifully Balanced Hypoallergenic Foundation a lot since then and wanted to share my thoughts on it with you.

Claims: “Achieve a flawless complexion with the silky smooth Beautifully Balanced Hypoallergenic Foundation. The lightweight and oil-free formula offers a beautiful luminous finish, and natural skin conditioning ingredients like pumpkin seed extract leave skin soft and smooth.”

Cruelty-Free August Favorites

August Favorites

It has been a few months since I did a favorites video, so this video is pretty long. I always love seeing what favorite products others are using, and I hope that you do as well! As always, everything in this video is vegan and from a cruelty-free brand. If you want to see the skincare, makeup, and lifestyle products I’ve been loving lately, grab a mug of tea and check out my cruelty-free August favorites.

Seventh Generation to be Bought by Unilever

Seventh Generation to be Bought by Unilever

Today Unilever announced plans to purchase Seventh Generation. Long known to be a cruelty-free brand with lots of vegan options, Seventh Generation has been a staple in many cruelty-free and vegan homes for a long time. News of this acquisition was just released by Unilever.

It’s currently unclear if this will impact the cruelty-free status of Seventh Generation.It’s always sad to see cruelty-free brands purchased by companies that test on animals. Not only does Unilever itself test on animals, but most Unilever brands also test on animals.

For consumers like myself who do not purchase from brands with a parent company that test on animals, I will need to replace most of my cleaning products based on this acquisition alone.