Is This The Perfect Coffee for Spring? Trying Death Wish Coffee Blue and Buried Blend & Review AD

Is This The Perfect Coffee for Spring? Trying Death Wish Coffee Blue and Buried Blend & Review

Death Wish Coffee is a brand that I’ve seen over the years and have always been curious about. They have a cool logo. They offer a variety of flavors and roasts. I love that they use organic and fair-trade certified beans. But that caffeine content? I have to admit, it was a little intimidating. When I got a chance to work with them to try out the Death Wish Coffee Blue and Buried blend, I was excited to give it a try.

By being fair trade certified, this means that the farmers growing beans used by Death Wish Coffee get paid a living wage and fair working conditions. Being USDA Certified Organic means that the beans are grown with fertilizer without synthetic nitrogen and phosphates. This helps preserve the soil in the countries where the beans are grown. I think it’s great that Death Wish Coffee has gone the extra mile here to get both certifications.

Now, let’s get into the coffee itself. I love coffee. I love having it as part of my morning and sometimes as an afternoon pick-me-up. The experience of brewing coffee can be so calming. I love the process of it, the smells, and the sips of warm bean juice. There’s just something so great about it. That said, the coffee itself makes a huge difference. Everyone who drinks coffee can tell you that.

I wanted to share my experience with Death Wish Coffee Blue and Buried when it comes to the packaging, the grinds, brewing coffee, and both hot and iced cups.

Death Wish Coffee Blue and Buried Coffee Blend

Immediately upon opening the bag of Blue and Buried, I could smell notes of fresh blueberry jam and vanilla. The scent is fresh, crisp, deep, and sweet. Of course, it has those nice medium-roast coffee notes in there too. 

The bag of pre-ground beans comes well-sealed and is re-closable. The grind is a good size. It works well for pour-over, French press, or a coffee pot. You could even use the grinds to fill a reusable pod too. However you prefer to brew your coffee, this grind will work for you.

I debated between brewing mine as pour-over or French press. I feel like each method can give you a different coffee experience. In the end, I opted to use my French press. I wanted to try out the Blue and Buried blend both hot and iced. When I make iced at home, I usually use my French press and sort of set it and forget it to let it really brew. Since I wanted to see if I could taste the difference between a mug of hot coffee and a glass of iced Death Wish coffee, using the same brewing method seemed ideal.

 Death Wish Coffee Blue and Buried blend

During the brewing process, it seemed like the warmer notes were brought out. It smelled like richer blueberry, sweet cinnamon, and a bit of powdered sugar sweetness. The scent was almost cake-like in a way. The coffee was a really rich and warm color too.

Death Wish Coffee Blue and Buried

First I tried the Death Wish Coffee Blue and Buried hot. I opted to have it black and not add oat milk, creamer, or sugar. Though I’m sure those would have been great additions, I wanted to try the coffee as is. I feel like sometimes flavored coffees only taste good with those additions. Then when you try them black, they are lacking in depth, body, and flavor. That wasn’t the case at all with this brew. Having it warm, there are lots of cinnamon notes. It makes for a comforting and warming mug of morning coffee. Fruity in flavor and scent, but not overpoweringly sweet. The coffee itself is balanced and smooth. It has a nice medium body and is very drinkable black. 

Death Wish Coffee Blue and Buried

Next, I had to try a glass of iced Blue and Buried. Unlike the hot coffee, I decided to add some sugar and oat milk to this one per review suggestions. Holy moly! That turned it into more of a desert coffee that is very smooth and rich. The flavor was more like blueberry pie when iced. It really brings out the vanilla notes of the blend with just a subtle dash of cinnamon. If you want a sweet iced coffee, this is a great blend to try out. I love that it’s so different in flavor too.

Death Wish Coffee prides itself on having a higher caffeine content than most coffees out there. I have to admit, this made me a bit nervous. I love coffee, but I had the jittery feeling that can come with too much caffeine. I feel like this coffee just gives a nice boost. It helped me stay focused and really did pick me up without being too much.

The Death Wish Coffee Blue and Buried Blend come pre-ground. You can order a single bag or you can start a subscription and order two or five bags. The single bag is the best way to try out the flavor, but if you are looking for savings then a subscription is the way to go as you automatically get 10% off.

Thank you so much again to Death Wish Coffee for sponsoring this post. This post also contains affiliate links. Thank you for using them!

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