Milani Cosmetics is Cruelty-Free, Not All Vegan

Milani Cosmetics is Cruelty Free, Not All Vegan

When I first started doing research on what drugstore makeup brands were vegan, tons of blogs said that Milani was a 100% vegan makeup line. After buying a few products and being extremely happy with them, I decided that I wanted to feature their products on Logical Harmony. With each brand that I want to feature, I’m sending the company an e-mail asking them to clarify if they use animal testing at any point in the process as well as if they use any animal ingredients or by-products. I want my readers to be getting verified information that I know is correct.

While I’m happy that their reply e-mail cleared things up, it also made me so sad to have been misinformed by so many websites.

Milani’s manufacturers do not perform any animal testing; however, we are not a vegan line of cosmetics. Some of our products contain carmine, lanolin, etc.
Thank you for contacting us!

I had already informed several people that Milani was a 100% vegan cosmetic line. Now I know that it’s a company that is safe to buy from so long as myself and other vegans read the ingredients first. If you are looking for a great line of affordable cruelty-free makeup, definitely check out Milani!

I’m thankful that Milani has such a wonderful customer support team that was able to clear this issue up for me! I’ve also learned the importance of trying to get information directly from the company first.

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  1. In the last week I’ve heard that Milani (and Jordanna through extension) are no longer cruelty free. Any idea? I really hope it’s not true!

    1. Hi Brittany,

      Sadly, it’s true that they have changed their stance. 🙁 You can read more here – Milani and Jordana Are No Longer Cruelty Free.

      1. Tonia L. Carrier says:

        DANGIT I just bought some last night! after much deliberation at the store. ugh. why would they do that?

  2. I saw Youtuber BeautyTalkWithCin say in her latest video that Milani was not cruelty free that a viewer had emailed her a response that she had got from the company saying that they’re not. I emailed today myself asking for their policy to find out.

    1. Hi Jessica,

      Sadly, it’s true that they have changed their stance. You can read more here – Milani and Jordana Are No Longer Cruelty Free.

  3. You have got to be careful with all products when vegan. It is dissaointing though that you ahd to e-mail them to find out.

  4. I love Milani Cosmetics. I use their blush in ‘Luminous’. Which is supposed to be a dupe for Nars “Orgasm”. (Iv never used the Nars one though so I can’t really verify).. and I used to have an eyeshadow called ‘Java Bean’ which is frickin gorgeous.

    1. I’ve never used their blush, but I love a few of their lipstick shades. I just wish that it was easier to find out what’s vegan and what’s not.

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