Natural Hair Care Tips from Emily Thomas

Natural Hair Care Tips from Emily Thomas

When it comes to our hair, many of us use a variety of store-bought treatments. I’m guilty of this as well. I don’t even want to know how much damage I’ve done over the years by using harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients on my hair. Lead Colorist Emily Thomas of Cutler Salon South Beach shared some of her favorite natural hair care tips. Take note and save your strands from some damage.

Three products that can do amazing things for your hair can also be found in your pantry. Apple cider vinegar, beer and Chamomile tea can all do great things for your hair. Whether you’re looking for a detoxifier, smoother or natural lightener one of these three has you covered.

Apple Cider Vinegar : This stuff is great for “detoxifying” your hair. The acidity is so close to that of natural hair, it works as a great conditioning and cleansing agent – especially with removing “build-up” that is heavy on the hair and found in styling products such as pomade and hairspray. Use it once a week and alone before shampooing, one cup should suffice for medium length hair.

Beer : Surprisingly, beer relaxes and smoothes ridged and chipped cuticles that make the hair look damaged and dull. Beer contains proteins that act as fillers and repairs hair as it gives it the ability to reflect more light. Use it once a month and alone before shampooing and rinse with a thick, dark stout beer – rinse well to remove smell. Editor’s Note : A lot of alcohol products actually contain animal ingredients. If you are concerned about finding a vegan beer to use, check out Barnivore.

Chamomile Tea : This tea acts as a natural form of enhancing and highlighting dull hair. The acidity breaks down highlights without damaging the hair and lasts one week. After brewing a nice cup for bedtime, save the bags and use for leftovers. Boil pre-used bags and pour lukewarm mixture into a spray bottle. Shampoo and condition hair, then spray on chamomile mixture, distribute thoroughly with a wide-tooth comb and allow hair to dry preferably in the sun, as the rays help lighten the hair. The process can be repeated at least once a week. It also prevents dandruff and soothes an irritated scalp when applied to a mild shampoo.

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