Kat Von D Beauty is now Logical Harmony Approved!

Kat Von D Beauty is now Certified as Cruelty Free by Logical Harmony!
Image courtesy of Kat Von D Beauty

After working together for several months, the team at Kat Von D Beauty and the Logical Harmony team are very happy to announce that Kat Von D Beauty has now been certified as cruelty free by Logical Harmony! Kat Von D Beauty now appears on the Cruelty Free and Vegan Brands List!

I can now feel comfortable promoting Kat Von D Beauty as a brand that is cruelty free and has many vegan options, and can personally assure you that the Kat Von D beauty line is free of all animal testing in any form. This applies not only to the Kat Von D beauty brand, but to the parent company, ingredient suppliers, and any 3rd party brands that the company may work with. The brand has also stated that they do not and will not take part in any required by law animal testing.

While some products produced by the brand do contain animal ingredients, there are a lot of options that are not only cruelty free, but also totally free of animal ingredients and vegan as well.

Continue reading Kat Von D Beauty is now Certified as Cruelty Free by Logical Harmony to see a current list of vegan options!

In addition to providing Logical Harmony with the necessary statements of assurances to be included on the brands list, Kat Von D beauty is also going to be issuing a new statement about animal testing.

I am proud to say that Kat Von D Beauty products are never tested on animals – and never will be” – Kat Von D

This statement is repeated by the Kat Von D beauty team and Kendo. This statement from Kat has been seen on social media and will soon be on the brands website.

I also asked the Kat Von D Beauty team to provide the readers of Logical Harmony with an exclusive list of the current vegan options! As of August 2015, the Kat Von D Beauty vegan options are:

* The entire Shade + Light Contour Face and Eye Palettes are not vegan, but these shades within the palette are.

For those who are interested in the structure of the Kat Von D Beauty Brand, Kat Von D Beauty is owned by Kendo. Kendo is a sister company to Sephora. Kendo currently owns and produces the Sephora lines Kat Von D Beauty, Ole Henrikson, Bite, Elizabeth & James, Formula X, and Marc Jacobs Beauty. Before Kendo existed as a company, some of these brands were owned by Sephora. This is why some older posts and comments refer to these brands as Sephora brands. Sephora and Kendo are both owned by LVMH.  Kendo does not test on animals, but some of the lines that they own do test on animals as required by law. I have received assurances from Kendo that the Kat Von D Beauty line is not currently, nor will ever be, tested on animals for any reason.

Thank you to the Kat Von D Beauty team for going through the process to be added to the Cruelty Free and Vegan Brands List on Logical Harmony. We are very happy to have you on board as a cruelty free brand!

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  1. I don’t understand how you could justify that Kat Von D or Bite products are cruelty free. LVMH is far from cruelty free and practice some of the worst acts to animals in the exotic skin and fur trade in addition to owning a lot of other makeup brands that do openly test on animals. If you purchase Bite or KVD makeup you are supporting the cruel acts, lmvh is marketing “cruelty-free cosmetics branch” under the umbrella of their subsidiary, Kendo Holdings. It’s so unfortunate that the profit these otherwise cruelty-free brands earn goes directly into the coffers of LVMH, where it is then used to fund animal testing as well as perpetuate the cruelty inherent to the animal skin and fur trade for their other brands.” (vegan rabbit)

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