Is Fenty Cruelty-Free?

Is Fenty Cruelty-Free?

Is Fenty cruelty-free? Find out now! Logical Harmony helps make cruelty-free easy!

Fenty is one of the most popular brands at Sephora. Rihanna launched Fenty with Kendo and they exploded in the beauty space largely due to their inclusive shade range and on-trend releases. On July 18, 2019, Fenty and Rihanna announced plans to expand Fenty into countries in Asia. It has long been speculated that expansion was in the works. But, what does this expansion mean for Fenty? Is Fenty now going to sell in China?

What’s the current animal testing stance of Fenty? Is Fenty Logical Harmony Approved as cruelty-free? Keep reading to find out what’s currently going on with Fenty.

Is Fenty Logical Harmony Approved as cruelty-free? No.

Fenty is on the Grey Area list here on Logical Harmony and has been for some time. They are not on the Logical Harmony Cruelty-Free Brand List. I do not promote them as cruelty-free or as a brand who tests on animals. Their status is simply unclear at this time.

While their IG bio and website FAQ say that Fenty is cruelty-free, they have not been able to answer clarifying questions required to be listed as cruelty-free here on Logical Harmony. When I have followed up with them beyond receiving initial vague statements, I have not received a response. Brand transparency is incredibly important to me and something I push for with all brands. In this day and age, consumers are more mindful with their purchases. I think it’s important to be able to meet that expectation.

All other Kendo brands have been able to provide very clear and detailed statements, as well as answer additional questions and provide the necessary information to be Logical Harmony Approved as cruelty-free. This is why it stands out to me that Fenty has not. That said, and even though they are not on the Logical Harmony Cruelty-Free Brand List, because they market as cruelty-free I felt it was important to address their expansion plans.

I would absolutely love for Fenty to be Logical Harmony Approved and I know a lot of you would as well. I have continued to reach out to them but with no response. There’s only so much I can do as I cannot force a brand to respond. Want to help? Please let Fenty know that you would like to see them be Logical Harmony Approved!

Is Fenty sold in China?

Does Fenty sell in Mainland China? No.

Fenty has just announced that they plan to expand into Hong Kong and Macau. While both are technically part of China, they are different from Mainland China.

Both are allowed to have their own laws. Neither Hong Kong nor Macau requires animal testing and they are not subject to the animal testing laws in China. This means that brands can sell in Hong Kong and Macau without fear of animal testing taking place on their products. This includes both pre-market animal testing and post-market animal testing.

Fenty did not announce plans to expand into mainland China, where animal testing would be required.

Does Fenty sell in Hong Kong? Yes, they will.

Through this expansion, Fenty will be sold in several store chains in Hong Kong. Sephora Hong Kong, Harvey Nichols Hong Kong, and Beauty Bazaar Hong Kong will all carry Fenty products in September of 2019.

Does Fenty sell in Macau? Yes, they will.

Through this announced expansion, Fenty will be sold in Macau. T Galleria by DFS will carry Fenty products in September of 2019. It’s unclear at this time if other stores in Macau will as well.

Does Fenty sell in any markets that require animal testing per local or regional laws? No.

No. Fenty does not sell in any markets that require animal testing. Neither Hong Kong or Macau require animal testing.

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  1. It seems that Fenty Beauty is now in Mainland China

    1. The locations listed there are stores in Hong Kong and Macau which, as referenced in the post, are places that they can be carried without having to test on animals. They are also now selling to customers in mainland China via e-commerce only, which also allows them to bypass any animal testing laws. They are currently not sold in stores in mainland China.

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