Updates from Orly on Their Use of Animal Ingredients

Updates from Orly on Their Use of Animal Ingredients

Update December 2014 – Sadly, ORLY is no longer cruelty free. They have started selling in China, where animal testing is required by law.

The other day Logical Harmony posted about Orly’s use of animal ingredients. Based on customer service feedback, I was led to believe that Orly was no longer ensuring that their products were vegan. This means that they were no longer going to promise their items were free of animal ingredients or animal derived ingredients.

After posting this update, the brand got in touch with me about it. The brand rep that I had spoken to more than once was apparently spreading inaccurate information about Orly and their ingredients. I requested an updated statement on their use of animal ingredients and received the following –

“Please know that since day one, 38 years ago, ORLY has always had a strict policy against testing our products on animals. ORLY nail lacquers and treatments have always been vegan and we do not use animal by-products in our ingredients.

I can assure you that all our product are Vegan and do not contain any animal derived products. I am also an avid animal lover and refuse to buy any products containing any animal derived products. I am so sorry for the confusion. Thank you for your e-mail and thank you for fixing your blog. If you have any further questions I can be reached at the below phone number.”

It appears that perhaps I talked to the few people in the company that were not clear on what the brands stance on animal ingredients was. I was not aware that I was spreading misinformation and would like to apologize for having done so. The intent of Logical Harmony is to bring you accurate updates and information. Had there been any indication from the brand representative that I previously spoke to that the brand was still ensuring products were vegan, I would not have posted that update.

If you have questions about any specific product and the ingredients, feel free to reach out directly to Lucy from Orly at [email protected]. She has graciously offered to assist any readers of Logical Harmony with their questions.


  1. Thank you for updating us! It’s not your fault when the company doesn’t provide you with the correct information. We can only do what we think is best at the time with the knowledge at hand. I applaud you because you’re helping people to make informed decisions.

  2. It’s hardly your fault if the company’s employees are making inconsistent statements! It’s so hard to get any kind of information out of brands with regards to veganism (I always get ‘we don’t test on animals’ – SO not what I asked) and I’m so glad you always share the info you’re given! Thanks 🙂

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