An Exclusive Q&A With Juice Beauty About Animal Testing

An Exclusive Q&A With Juice Beauty About Animal Testing

Last week Logical Harmony shared an update from PETA about Juice Beauty‘s stance on animal testing (PETA Reports that Juice Beauty Has Stopped Selling in China). I immediately reached out to Juice Beauty to find out more information about their cruelty free status, animal testing policies, and use of animal ingredients.

This exclusive Q&A with Juice Beauty Founding Partner Karen Behnke about the brands stance on animal testing was very enlightening. Logical Harmony is proud to add Juice Beauty to the list of Cruelty Free and Vegan Brands!

Juice Beauty products are not tested on animals by any party as a finished product or during production. The ingredients used in Juice Beauty products are not tested on animals by any party. Juice Beauty products are also not sold in any market where animal testing is required by local and regional laws. Juice Beauty has a lot of vegan options! At this time, the following products are not vegan – USDA Facial Wash and Mask, USDA Lip, Correcting Concealer, Perfecting Foundation, Reflecting Gloss and Conditioning Lip.

1. What made Juice Beauty change their mind about selling in China, a market that requires animal testing by law?

Juice Beauty shipped some products to China through a distributor and didn’t realize that China reserves the right to test on animals. Although we don’t know if it happened or not, as soon as we found out and had time to sort through our contractual issues, we stopped shipping to China. PETA was very helpful in sorting through this information with us.

2. Is Juice Beauty now a completely cruelty-free company?

Juice Beauty is a complete cruelty free company. Juice Beauty has over 100 skincare, body, haircare, and make up products. All but a few are vegan and those that are not completely vegan contain sustainably sourced beeswax.

3. Why is being a cruelty-free brand important to Juice Beauty?

First, we use such great organic food grade products…we know our ingredients are safe; however, we test for safety (on people!!) anyway to make sure our customers feel fabulous about buying our products. Secondly, we think it’s more important to test on the appropriate end user—humans! Third, we support animal rights. Fourth, we don’t think torturing animals for the sake of beauty is a good thing to do. I could go on….

4. Is there any other exciting news that consumers can expect from Juice Beauty in the next year?

It’s just our time to shine and grow!  Juice Beauty’s authentically organic, clinically validated high efficacy products are amazing. We are gaining more and more consumers because it makes sense. If a customer can put products on their skin that work …and they are healthy (since your skin absorbs 64% of what is placed on it) ..and we are supporting Organic Farming which is better for the environment..why would one choose conventional chemically laden products or even natural products? Natural products have no formal government regulation and thus have no pesticide free farming regulations and often contain synthetic fragrances which are endocrine disruptors.

Additionally, we are proud that Juice Beauty is coming out with an entire make up Collection!!

Juice Beauty also has their own set of company values that I thought would be great to share with Logical Harmony readers. Juice Beauty EcoValues:

  1. CLINICALLY VALIDATED RESULTS: Age-Defy & Blemish Clearing results showing an 85% reduction in free radical skin cell damage and 94% blemish clearing.
  2. AUTHENTICALLY ORGANIC: Antioxidant-rich juice base brings our total organic content up to 98%. Certifications include COPA, USDA, NSF, Gluten Free, and Whole Foods Body Premium standards.
  3. POWERFUL ACTION WITHOUT: Parabens, petroleum, pesticides, propylene or butylene glycols, phthalates, sulfates, PEGs, TEA, DEA, GMO, silicones, artificial dyes or fragrances.
  4. QUALITY AROMAS: From organic & natural essential oils. No artificial fragrance.
  5. MADE IN USA: Using local West Coast organic ingredients limiting transport fuel waste
  6. SUSTAINABLE & RECYCLED: Packaging printed with soy ink.
  10. GIVE BACK: The Breast Cancer Fund; The Organic Center; Teens Turning Green; EWG; and the documentary-Miss Representation

Thank you so much to Karen and Juice Beauty for taking the time to address the issue with Logical Harmony! This type of brand transparency and honesty is very much appreciated as it helps consumers make educated decisions about the brands they support and products they use.


  1. Thank you so much for posting this article!!! I was actually online about two weeks ago looking for info about Juice Beauty’s vegan items and animal testing stance, but my results were largely inconclusive. Even searching on their own website for the word “vegan” comes up with a “no results” message. Most of the other results I found only turned up info about Alicia Silverstone’s line within the company, but that line is literally just 5 products. Then a friend got a package from them where they were talking about some of their products being vegan and I found your article in my new search. This is great news and again I’m so happy to finally have some definitive info about the company and their vegan products 🙂

  2. This is great news. I really loved their products but jumped ship when I heard they were selling in China and were maybe testing some products on animals. Thank you for following up and getting to the bottom of this.

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