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Is L’Oreal Cruelty-Free?

Is L'Oreal Cruelty-Free?

Lately I have been receiving a lot of emails and social media comments asking if the rumors were true – had L’Oreal changed their animal testing stance? Is L’Oreal cruelty-free? Many people who emailed me were asking of the laws in China had changed to now allow brands like L’Oreal to avoid animal testing.

Because of the large number of these inquiries, and the questions included in them, I decided that creating a blog post about this would be the most informative response for everyone. In this post, I will answer all of the questions that I have been receiving. This post is long and has a lot of information. The goal is that you will be able to have any of your questions answered by the time you are done reading it.

Editor’s note: This was originally posted on November 8, 2015 but I have continued to get a lot of questions about L’Oreal and their cruelty-free status. Because of this, I wanted to update the original article to help answer the questions of many confused consumers out there. This post has been updated to reflect any current changes or updates.

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L’Oreal Signs Agreement to Acquire NYX Cosmetics

L'Oreal Signs Agreement to Acquire NYX Cosmetics

Last week rumors were circulating that L’Oreal was in talks to buy NYX Cosmetics (read NYX Cosmetics May Be Bought by L’Oreal). Today it is being reported by Reuters that L’Oreal has now signed an agreement to acquire NYX.

French cosmetics group L’Oreal (OREP.PA) said on Wednesday it had signed an agreement to acquire Los Angeles-based NYX Cosmetics as it builds up its stable of U.S. brands.

L’Oreal did not release the price it was paying for the company, but said the U.S. firm had sales in the year to the end of May of $93 million, up 57 percent on the previous period on a comparable basis.” – Reuters

NYX Cosmetics is currently certified by both PETA and Logical Harmony as a cruelty free brand. They also have a lot of vegan options available.

As many cruelty free consumers know, L’Oreal has a reputation for testing on animals. This acquisition is shocking news to many consumers. If you have been keeping up to date, you have likely seen that many people have been reaching out to NYX Cosmetics via Facebook, Twitter, and email to express their opposition to the brand being purchased by L’Oreal.

While some brands purchased by L’Oreal in the the more recent past, such as Urban Decay, have been able to maintain cruelty free certifications this seems to be the exception and not the rule with L’Oreal brands. Sadly, the majority of L’Oreal brands do test on animals. For many consumers NYX being owned by L’Oreal is enough to no longer purchase their cosmetics even if they do maintain their cruelty free certifications.

As always, I will do my best to keep you up to date on news of this acquisition. Thank you to Jen from My Beauty Bunny for letting me know about the article!

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NYX Cosmetics May Be Bought by L’Oreal

NYX Cosmetics May Be Bought by L'Oreal

Cruelty free cosmetics brand NYX Cosmetics is reportedly up for sale and L’Oreal is eager to purchase the brand. On June 11th, WWD posted an article with the headline “NYX Cosmetics, L’Oreal Said Nearing Buyout Deal”.

“The indie mass-market color cosmetics brand is close to finalizing a deal with beauty giant L’Oréal, said industry sources. While nothing has been signed, a potential deal could come as early as the end of the month. NYX, which generates wholesale sales north of $100 million, could fetch as high as $500 million, suggested financial observers.

Another frontrunner for the brand is said to include TPG Growth, which earlier this year purchased the value-price mass color brand E.l.f. Cosmetics from company founders and the private equity fund TSG Consumer Partners.” – WWD & Phyrra

I first found out from fellow cruelty free blogger Phyrra in her post NYX Cosmetics May Soon Be a L’Oreal Brand. Since she posted about it, lots of fans have come forward to let NYX know that they do not support their potential new parent company and that the brand will lose them as a consumer if this purchase is made. WWD first released the news, but no other news outlets have posted any updates. One look at the NYX Facebook page shows that many oppose the potential new parent company being L’Oreal.

It is possible that L’Oreal would let NYX maintain their current cruelty free stance. The brand is certified as cruelty free by Logical Harmony and by PETA. They also have a lot of vegan cosmetic items. L’Oreal also owns Urban Decay, who has since been re-certified as cruelty free by both Logical Harmony and Leaping Bunny. It is always a slippery slope when a cruelty free brand is owned by a company who does test on animals because, ultimately, the money is still going to support brands who test on animals. This is an issue that I think everyone needs to be aware of and decide what is best for themselves. Brands like this are still added to the cruelty free brands list here on Logical Harmony, but I will no longer promote those brands through my website or social content.

However, if they are purchased by TPG Growth, as simply an investment firm, the brand would not have a parent company with the negative connotations of L’Oreal. At this point, it sounds as if the deal could go either way. In this situation, TPG Growth would be the best path for NYX Cosmetics if they would like to maintain their customer relationships. TPG Growth also owns E.L.F. (Eyes Lips Face) Cosmetics, which is one of the most readily available cruelty free makeup brands on the market.

What can you do? As always, I suggest that you use your voice as a consumer to let NYX know how you feel about this potential change. Post on their Facebook page and tweet at them to let them know what your thoughts are.

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The Body Shop Temporarily Pulls Products from Chinese Airports Due to Conflicting Statements on Animal Testing

The Body Shop Temporarily Pulls Products from Chinese Airports Due to Conflicting Statements on Animal Testing

Previously, Logical Harmony reported that brands selling in the duty free shops of airports in China were able to stay cruelty free. The results of a PETA investigation were that the Chinese government requirements on animal testing did not cover these locations.

Unfortunately, it looks as though the items sold in airports in China may be subjected to animal testing after all. Choice, an independent consumer watchdog organization in Australia, is now claiming that the Chinese government has confirmed to them that animal testing in duty free shops may happen, and selling in these duty free shops does not mean these brands can avoid post-market animal testing.

Due to this, The Body Shop has now stated that they will be temporarily pulling all of their products from duty free shops in China while they investigate on their own.

How likely is it that these products are tested on animals? That remains unclear due to conflicting statements given by the Chinese government to various organizations.

“The Chinese government can carry out post-market animal testing, randomly and without warning pulling products from shop shelves to assess conformity with approved formulations,” Mr Kirkland said.

The Body Shop Australia executive chairman Graeme Wise said the company didn’t consider airports part of the Chinese market.

However the Chinese government confirmed there is no way to avoid random testing of products in airport stores.

The General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China said in a statement: “It is inconceivable that any foreign cosmetics company can bypass Chinese regulations and sell at the airports. The airports in Beijing and Shanghai are part of the Chinese territory that is subject to the same rules.”

Read more – The Body Shop removes products from China following Choice investigation. You can also read the original report from Choice – The Body Shop sells out on animal testing.

It’s important to note that The Body Shop is owned by L’Oreal. The Body Shop is also one of the biggest supporters and brand partners of Cruelty Free International. PETA originally provided me with a statement that said these duty free shops were exempt from the animal testing that is required by law in China. It makes it hard to tell which is accurate, or if both are accurate reflections of separate investigations. I do not believe that it’s accurate to state that The Body Shop has sold out animal testing, that the information from PETA is inaccurate, or that the information from Choice is inaccurate. It is a complicated issue and all sides are dealing with complicated policies and a complex government.

Here at Logical Harmony, we will do our best to keep you updated on this issue.

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Urban Decay Promises To Remain Cruelty Free

Urban Decay Promises To Remain Cruelty Free

The past few months have been pretty crazy for fans of Urban Decay who only use cruelty free and/or vegan cosmetics. First the brand announced their plans to sell in China (where animal testing is required by law), then they went back on that decision. Last week it was announced that L’Oreal bought Urban Decay. L’Oreal is notoriously known as one of the worst offenders when it comes to animal testing, so this raised quite a lot of questions for the once outspoken cruelty free brand. Now the brand has assured PETA that they will not be testing their products on animals.

I am very happy to hear that PETA worked with Urban Decay to get this statement in writing. To many, Urban Decay having a parent company that tests on animals is enough to make them ditch the brand regardless of their own stance. For another large number, the flip flopping of the brand over the past several months is also enough for them to not want to support Urban Decay. On the other hand, I can’t imagine it being easy to be a cruelty free brand that has just been bought out by a company like L’Oreal and how difficult it must be to preserve the brands original morals.

While I as an individual will not be supporting the brand, and you will not see their products featured on Logical Harmony, I am glad that they have decided to not sell in China like the majority of L’Oreal brands. In an ideal world Urban Decay would have never sold to a parent company that tests on animals like L’Oreal does, but them remaining a cruelty free brand is better than nothing. I choose to leave the parent company issue up to readers, but I do believe that having access to information on all cruelty free brands with vegan options is important for everyone – even if you don’t purchase the brand yourself.

Source: PETA