The Body Shop Temporarily Pulls Products from Chinese Airports Due to Conflicting Statements on Animal Testing

The Body Shop Temporarily Pulls Products from Chinese Airports Due to Conflicting Statements on Animal Testing

Previously, Logical Harmony reported that brands selling in the duty free shops of airports in China were able to stay cruelty free. The results of a PETA investigation were that the Chinese government requirements on animal testing did not cover these locations.

Unfortunately, it looks as though the items sold in airports in China may be subjected to animal testing after all. Choice, an independent consumer watchdog organization in Australia, is now claiming that the Chinese government has confirmed to them that animal testing in duty free shops may happen, and selling in these duty free shops does not mean these brands can avoid post-market animal testing.

Due to this, The Body Shop has now stated that they will be temporarily pulling all of their products from duty free shops in China while they investigate on their own.

How likely is it that these products are tested on animals? That remains unclear due to conflicting statements given by the Chinese government to various organizations.

“The Chinese government can carry out post-market animal testing, randomly and without warning pulling products from shop shelves to assess conformity with approved formulations,” Mr Kirkland said.

The Body Shop Australia executive chairman Graeme Wise said the company didn’t consider airports part of the Chinese market.

However the Chinese government confirmed there is no way to avoid random testing of products in airport stores.

The General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China said in a statement: “It is inconceivable that any foreign cosmetics company can bypass Chinese regulations and sell at the airports. The airports in Beijing and Shanghai are part of the Chinese territory that is subject to the same rules.”

Read more – The Body Shop removes products from China following Choice investigation. You can also read the original report from Choice – The Body Shop sells out on animal testing.

It’s important to note that The Body Shop is owned by L’Oreal. The Body Shop is also one of the biggest supporters and brand partners of Cruelty Free International. PETA originally provided me with a statement that said these duty free shops were exempt from the animal testing that is required by law in China. It makes it hard to tell which is accurate, or if both are accurate reflections of separate investigations. I do not believe that it’s accurate to state that The Body Shop has sold out animal testing, that the information from PETA is inaccurate, or that the information from Choice is inaccurate. It is a complicated issue and all sides are dealing with complicated policies and a complex government.

Here at Logical Harmony, we will do our best to keep you updated on this issue.

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