L’Oreal Signs Agreement to Acquire NYX Cosmetics

L'Oreal Signs Agreement to Acquire NYX Cosmetics

Last week rumors were circulating that L’Oreal was in talks to buy NYX Cosmetics (read NYX Cosmetics May Be Bought by L’Oreal). Today it is being reported by Reuters that L’Oreal has now signed an agreement to acquire NYX.

French cosmetics group L’Oreal (OREP.PA) said on Wednesday it had signed an agreement to acquire Los Angeles-based NYX Cosmetics as it builds up its stable of U.S. brands.

L’Oreal did not release the price it was paying for the company, but said the U.S. firm had sales in the year to the end of May of $93 million, up 57 percent on the previous period on a comparable basis.” – Reuters

NYX Cosmetics is currently certified by both PETA and Logical Harmony as a cruelty free brand. They also have a lot of vegan options available.

As many cruelty free consumers know, L’Oreal has a reputation for testing on animals. This acquisition is shocking news to many consumers. If you have been keeping up to date, you have likely seen that many people have been reaching out to NYX Cosmetics via Facebook, Twitter, and email to express their opposition to the brand being purchased by L’Oreal.

While some brands purchased by L’Oreal in the the more recent past, such as Urban Decay, have been able to maintain cruelty free certifications this seems to be the exception and not the rule with L’Oreal brands. Sadly, the majority of L’Oreal brands do test on animals. For many consumers NYX being owned by L’Oreal is enough to no longer purchase their cosmetics even if they do maintain their cruelty free certifications.

As always, I will do my best to keep you up to date on news of this acquisition. Thank you to Jen from My Beauty Bunny for letting me know about the article!


  1. i’m so sad to find about this 🙁 NYX is one of the few brands that you can find in mexico wich is where i live… i barely starting going cruelty free a few months ago before that i wasn’t really aware (even if it sounds a little dumb) that things like animal testing still existed does anyone knows of brands that i can find in here? :

    1. Do you really want to give your money to a company OWNED by one that tests on animals? Your money will still be used to finance the torture of animals if you choose to continue purchasing NYX Cosmetics items. Same goes for Urban Decay and all of those other once cruelty-free companies that have sold their integrity.

      1. Alley, I completely agree! Very well spoken. I don’t think people understand that when you purchase from a brand that is owned by a NON-cruelty free company, you are essentially supporting BOTH companies and the money is going to fund more animal testing. I wish more girls would see it that way.

        1. It’s up to each individual and how they personally view it. I will buy from a cruelty free company even if their parent company tests; others won’t. I think judging others for what they consider cruelty free isn’t very nice nor fair.

          1. I definitely agree that this is something everyone should decide for themselves. I think it’s important that people know what these options are and then decide what they can do. Not everyone is at the same point in moving their items to being cruelty-free, not everyone has access to the same brands, etc. At the end of the day, I would rather someone support a cruelty-free brand with a parent company who tests than buy items that have been directly tested on animals.

  2. thank you for sharing, had no idea as i have bene SUPER BUSY lately no time to make videos. I will share this, sad….thankfully I never bought much from them but still sad to hear. oh well. As I always say, focus on positive and other brands.

  3. L’Oreal is a really disgusting company. They’ve always tested on animals and probably always will. I’m so sick of L’Oreal buying up all these cruelty free brands. Their hands are dirty no matter how many cruelty free brands they acquire. I just wish brands like Urban Decay and now NYX had more sense than to sell at all, but to notorious animal testers…come on now!

  4. No more NYX for me, but I’m kind of glad I have a limited pool to choose from because my natural tendency is to buy ALL the pretty things XD Reins me in!

    1. There are plenty to chose from 🙂 Wet n wild got lots of vegan options. Too faced and Gabriel cosmetics, etc etc. But I am upset at NYX, I won’t be buying from them.

      1. I usually shop at ultra or sephora they are the most convenient. I’m going to look into wet n wild and see how their color selection is as well as what drugstores might carry it. I just started exploring too faced any recommendations do they have a full coverage foundation? This is what I struggle with the most is finding a good full coverage foundation. I just started exploring everyday minerals and their products are great but I always like to have a mineral foundation and a liquid to apply where I need extra coverage. No where near me sell Gabriel and I hate buying over the internet without knowing what shade I will be. I love pacifica lotions there the best especially the luminizing one its great for summer. Their face wipes are perfect for traveling and the beach and they don’t bother my sensitive eyes. I have yet to try their makeup buy I’ve been eying the new waterproof mascara.

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