Schmidt’s Deodorant Bergamot & Lime Deodorant Stick Review

Schmidt's Deodorant Bergamot & Lime Deodorant Stick Review

There are two natural deodorants that I talk about on a regular basis, and the one I have been talking about for the longest is Schmidt’s Deodorant. As I talked about in the Cruelty-Free & Vegan Deodorant Options Video, I have found the Schmidt’s Deodorant to be one of the most effective vegan deodorants out there. I carry travel-size pots of Schmidt’s in my purse. This product goes everywhere with me. Many readers have told me that they love the formula of Schmidt’s, but just can’t get on board with the idea of applying deodorant with their fingers.

When I found out that they were going to be releasing a slightly different formula in a stick form, I was SO excited! When Schmidt’s sent me some to try out, I was even more excited. Did I ever think I would get so excited about a deodorant? Nope. But the formula of Schmidt’s is just that great. I started using it right away to see what the pros and cons of the new stick formula are.

Claims: “With its bright citrus scent, Bergamot + Lime is a true pleasure to wear, with essential oils that lend additional disinfectant and skin healing benefits.”

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Ingredients: Maranta arundinacea (arrowroot) powder, Cocos Nucifera (coconut) Oil, Euphorbia Cerifera (candelilla) Wax, Butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), Triglyceride (fractionated coconut oil), Citrus bergamia (bergamot) essential oil, Citrus aurantifolia (lime) essential oil, Tocopherol (vitamin E), Camellia sinensis (Green Tea) Extract

Pros: Effective at reducing odors. Fresh scent. Non-irritating. Gluten-free. Paraben-free. Cruelty free and vegan brand.

Cons: Needs a few minutes after application to dry. Because your body warms up the formula, some extra product may gather on the edges. Just roll down the tube after use to prevent it from getting messy.

The Verdict: This is such a major release for Schmidt’s! The formula of the actual deodorant is slightly different than their classic deodorant. It is one of the most effective natural deodorants out there. I find that it really works to combat odor more than the majority of natural deodorants out there. While the formula does contain baking soda, it is also more gentle that other baking soda based deodorants. This is actually one of the only natural deodorant containing baking soda that does not irritate my skin. Having this amazing formula in stick form is game changing. It applies so easy and smoothly. If you are in need of a good natural deodorant, you owe it to yourself to try the new Schmidt’s Deodorant Stick.

The new Schmidt’s Deodorant Stick comes in five different scents, including fragrance-free, that can be purchased on their own or all together as a package. I have tried all five before and have had great results with them all.

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  1. The worst deodorant ever. Burns my armpits and feels like sandpaper when applying it. This is not good. I’m surprised I don’t see more and more complaints.

    The jar one is fine but I’m not a fan of using my fingers.

    1. I thought it was just me but I too have been experiencing burning and skin irritation. I’m so sad because this is the first natural deodorant that actually prevents body odor for me but now my skin is irritated from it. I’m wondering if it’s the ingredients or the essential oils that’s in it. Anyone have any info?

  2. I appreciate your review!
    What do you recommend as a unisex/mens product?
    Body chem varies by person so I often have to try several – what works for one may not work for another. And Schmidt’s and Malin & goetz are at the top of my to try list. L’occitane gets high marks too.

  3. I bought this deoderant a month ago and I’m actually pretty disappointed. It works to keep down smell for about 4 hours. I bought the stick a month ago and on the website it is says it’s supposed to last 3 months, my stick is almost completely down and I only apply twice a day sparingly. While it is a stick, it’s becoming clumped balls and easily breaks off onto clothes. Lastly, I have never had a problem with armpit stains and with this particular deoderant they’re showing. My sister also bought this deoderant and had the same sort of issues. With the jar-based version, these problems didn’t happen.

  4. Oh I can’t wait to try this. I have heard loads of good things about Schmidt’s but as you said, I was a bit wary of rubbing it on so a stick is much more up my alley. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Would you say you’ll be using this over Lavnila’s now? I know you’re as big a fan of Lavanila’s stick deodorant as I am – but if you think this is better I’ll give it a shot! I’m not sure which scent I’d like so if they’re about the same in efficiency I’ll probably stick with my Lavanila – I love their pure vanilla scent.

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