Preserve Shave 5 Razor Review

Preserve Shave 5 Razor Review

When the topic of cruelty-free razors comes up, people are always a bit shocked. Finding a cruelty-free razor is a big task. Not only are there hardly any companies out there who make them (less than a handful!), but it’s even harder to find companies who also make vegan-friendly blades. Not only do most companies who make razors test on animals, but did you know that the moisturizing strip often contains animal ingredients? Sometimes even the blades are coated in animal ingredients.

Thankfully, Preserve makes vegan-friendly razors. Their newest model, the Preserve Shave 5 Razor, is a product I have been anticipating the release of for some time. I know that a lot of people had an issue with razor burn from the Preserve 3 Blade Razor, but this razor is a major step-up from that model. I never thought I would be excited to get my hands on a razor until I got this one.

Claims: “Preserve Shave 5 features 5 ceramic coated blades in a cartridge that moves easily over both contours and angles, all at the end of an ergonomically designed, recycled plastic handle. We’ve created Preserve Shave 5 to offer an exceptional shave for both women and men.”

Preserve Shave 5 Razor Review

Pros: Gave a very close shave. No skin irritation, nicks, or cuts. Moisturizing strip made from cocoa butter and shea butter. Made from recycled plastic. Recyclable through the Preserve program. Cruelty-free brand. Vegan razor.

Cons: The handle is a little bulky in size.

The Verdict: The Preserve Shave 5 Razor is the cruelty-free razor you have been waiting for. Seriously. It works so well and gives such a close shave. The ceramic coating on the blades left my skin feeling smooth and soft. The moisturizing strip made from cocoa and shea butter made this razor glide so easily over my skin. I also have yet to experience any nicks, cuts, or razor burn. The pivoting head did a great job of shaving in awkward areas, such as my knees and ankles, with ease. This is the cruelty-free and vegan razor we have all been waiting for!

Preserve is a great household products company who makes their products from recycled materials and also offers a recycling program of their own. Since most local recycling programs don’t allow you to recycle things like the Preserve razor handles and toothbrushes, they let you print shipping labels so you can return them to Preserve to be recycled.

The Preserve Shave 5 Razor is available from Preserve and Grove Collaborative. Thinking of ordering from Grove Collaborative? Use this referral link and get $10 off your first order!

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  1. Thank you for this review! I’m looking forward to trying these razors (I’ve been looking for a good cruelty free razor for a while!).

    I tried to order from Grove with the referral link but it didn’t register. Is there a code we can use?


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