New EcoTools Beauty Sponges First Impressions & Demo

First Impressions & Demo - New EcoTools Beauty Sponges

As a beautyblender fan, I am always curious how other beauty sponges compare. When the EcoTools Perfect Blending Duo came out I was very intrigued, but reviews were really inconsistent. I decided to pick it up and do this first impressions and demo video. In this video, I used it with one of my tried and true foundations, concealers, and powders. I wanted to be sure that I was trying it out with products that I already knew how to work with and how they performed when used with other beauty sponges. Hopefully this video will help you decide if the EcoTools Perfect Blending Duo could work for you!

Is EcoTools cruelty-free? Yes. EcoTools is cruelty-free and also completely vegan.

Are these EcoTools Beauty Sponges vegan? Yes. These EcoTools beauty sponges are vegan.

Included in the New EcoTools Beauty Sponges First Impressions & Demo video are the following products:

What else I’m wearing:

Have you tried these Eco Tools Beauty Sponges before? What did you think of them?

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