Jouer Vegan Products List

Jouer Vegan Products List

Are there any Jouer vegan products? This guide from Logical Harmony will help you find out! When Jouer Cosmetics was added to the Cruelty-Free Brand List, I knew that people would be asking for a Jouer vegan products list. They are a brand that has grown so much over the past year and there is a lot of interest in them. So many of us have heard amazing things about their highlighters and liquid lipsticks. It’s also been really great to see them expand their line and introduce their first liquid foundation as well.

I was really excited to learn that a lot of Jouer‘s most popular products, the ones that are seen all over YouTube and Instagram, are not only cruelty-free but are also vegan! I wanted to share this list of Jouer vegan products for those who wanted to order from them as well.

Some of the popular Jouer vegan products are:

This is the most recent update of a post I originally published on March 1, 2017. Last updated on October 15, 2019.

Is Jouer cruelty-free? Yes! Jouer is cruelty-free!

Yes. Jouer is a cruelty-free brand. None of Jouer’s products are tested on animals, at any point, by any parties. Also, Jouer does not sell in any markets where animal testing is required by law.

Are any Jouer products vegan? Yes!

Yes. Thankfully, Jouer is not only cruelty-free but there are also lots of Jouer vegan products available! The current Jouer vegan products are listed below.

Jouer Vegan Products List

Are any products from the 2019 Jouer Holiday Collection vegan? Yes!

The following products in the Jouer Holiday Collection are vegan:

Where can you find Jouer vegan products?

Tarte can be found on their own website, Beautylish, Cult Beauty, Dermstore, Nordstrom, and SephoraSign up for Ebates and get cash back on your cruelty-free purchases from Sephora, Beautylish, and more!

What are your favorite cruelty-free and vegan products from Jouer?

Some of the popular Jouer vegan products are:

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  1. Lip Topper. YES. I’ve been thinking about buying this product for a really long time. Thank you for all the work and good news for all the make-up lovers!

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