NCLA Launches myNCLA

One of my favorite cruelty free and vegan brands, NCLA, just announced some VERY exciting news! They just launched a new iPhone app that seriously changes the manicure game.

Their app myNCLA allows you to create your own custom nail wraps! You can use any photo that you have taken with your phone and choose from four different styles of nail wraps. You can even name the wraps!

I can’t wait to start creating my own nail wraps. To make your own, simply search for “myNCLA” in the AppStore, download the free app, and sign up. It takes just minutes to create your own wraps. They will then be created for you by NCLA and shipped to your door.

Have you created your own set? What did you make? I would love to see you wearing your custom nail wraps on Twitter and Instagram, so please tag me in any pictures. I’ll be sharing my myNCLA wraps with you as soon as they arrive!

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  1. This is so cool. I’m already imagining all sorts of things I would want on my nails…ok so mostly photos of my new kitten 😉

    I’ve just stumbled across your blog for the first time btw. It’s always great to find new vegan bloggers, looking forward to reading more!

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