Logical Harmony for Vegan Lifestyle Magazine Issue No 9

Logical Harmony for Vegan Lifestyle Magazine Issue No 9

The most recent issue of Vegan Lifestyle Magazine is now out! I contributed an article on cruelty free and vegan razors. While making sure that items like our cosmetics are cruelty free and vegan, it’s a shock to many people to find out that their razor may not be. It could be from a company who tests on animals and could even contain animal ingredients. Download the magazine and read the article to find out all the details.

I have some exciting news for Logical Harmony fans – I am now a monthly contributor to Vegan Lifestyle Magazine! This magazine is available through iTunes and the AppStore and is full of amazing articles, recipes, and more. I’m really excited about this and can’t wait to share more articles in the future.

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  1. I never thought about the ingredients in that strip of goo on disposable razors. Yikes! Have you ever tried a safety razor? I bought a Merkur earlier this year for about $30 on Amazon, which included a nice variety pack of blades. Let me tell you, I will never go back to disposables! I get the close shave of a straight razor with absolutely no razor bumps or irritation – which is a first for me. Blades last about a week and cost maybe 10-15 cents each. It has already paid for itself, not to mention less waste!

    1. I don’t think many of us would even think about it! I didn’t at first.

      I haven’t tried a safety razor, but have heard that they are awesome! I use the Preserve razor that comes with replace-able heads. I’ve had the same handle for a few years now.

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