My Favorite Cruelty-Free & Vegan Hair Care Products Video

My Favorite Cruelty Free & Vegan Hair Care Products

On Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, people ask me about my hair a lot. Especially about what products I use on a daily basis. In this video, I share my favorite cruelty-free and vegan hair care products and tools. These are the products that I have found myself re-purchasing and the tools that I constantly use.

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Products mentioned in this video are:

Tutorials that helped me learn how to blowout my hair at home:

Have you tried any of these hair products? I would love to hear about which ones you have enjoyed using.

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links. This means that I receive a commission from items purchased through these links.


  1. Hello! I recently came across your blog/YouTube channel and it’s been super helpful; since I plegded to go cruelity free in 2016! Thanks for all that you are doing; it’s making my transition a lot easier. I have very curly hair, and was super sad about the info you had on Deva Curl; which is what I was using… 🙁 but I found a new product that I can’t find on any of your list and wondered what you thought? Kinky Curly, their site states cruelty free and something about compact of safe cosmetics, but you never know. Anyway just wanted to pass along the info! Thanks again

  2. I cannot agree more about using higher quality hair tools. \When my old dryer was dying I started checking out Based on reviews I bought a Sedu. As soon as I bought it I had buyers remorse. I’m like, WTH did I just do? My fiancé was like you are nuts to spend that on a blow dryer. The first time I used it I said… WELL WORTH THE MONEY. (Same with my iron) I had no clue for so long!

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