How To Make Your Own Bronzer

How To Make Your Own Bronzer

If you like to be bronzed, then check out this quick and easy way to make your own bronzer! Personally, I love being bronzed. Whether it’s by using self tanner, powder bronzer or both. A lot of celebrities, such as Ashley Olsen, love their bronzer too. There’s something so great about being able to breathe a little life into your winter makeup routine with bronzer. Thanks to PETA, I can now share with you how to make your own bronzer.

What you need :

  • Cocoa or cinnamon powder
  • Powdered sugar or baby powder
  • An old mineral makeup sifter jar or an old compact

Mix the ingredients together in small amounts until you have reached your desired shade. Mixing it yourself let’s you have it be as light or dark as you would like. To make it darker, add more cocoa or cinnamon powder. To make it lighter, add more sugar or baby powder. Once it’s your desired shade, pour it into your container and you’re good to go!

For the baby powder, good animal friendly option is Baby Bee Dusting Powder from Burt’s Bees. It’s both cruelty free and vegan. If you choose to use powdered sugar, try using Florida Crystals. They don’t use animal bones to filter the sugar like most common brands do. Or, better yet, make your own! You can make vegan powdered sugar by combining 2 cups of vegan granulated sugar with 2 tbsp cornstarch, then mix in a food processor.

Images & Source : WeHeartIt & PETA

(4) Comments

  1. You can be bronzed AND have a delicious tasting face. Haha. Ashley looks gorgeous in that picture.

    1. Haha. Super delicious!

  2. Whoa – Have you tried this personally? I’d love to see how it looks firsthand.

    1. I haven’t yet. I do plan on trying it once I can justify getting all the ingredients. So I’m definitely trying to find recipes that call for the items listed. lol

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