Five Tips to Motivate Yourself for Morning Workouts

Five Tips to Motivate Yourself for Morning Workouts

Getting into the habit of working out is one of the biggest struggles people face with starting a fitness routine. Usually our days are already so packed that it can be really hard to fit in the extra time. Personally, getting in both a morning and an evening workout works best with my schedule. I can keep them shorter (20-40 minutes each session) and they seem less intimidating when split up.

Starting your day with a workout can really help to set the tone for the rest of your day. Not only will it give you more energy but it kickstarts your metabolism. If you can only workout once, make it a morning workout. The benefits are worth it. Finding the motivation can be difficult, especially before it becomes a habit. Or on cold days, days you feel sluggish, or the morning after a late night. These are my five favorite ways to get motivated for my morning workouts.

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1. Lay your workout clothes the night before. I am one of those weird people that thinks being matchy matchy with workout gear is one of the funniest and most amazing things ever. The coral logo on my running jacket matches my favorite workout tanks, a color in my running shoes, and one of my yoga mats. Not taking what I am wearing too seriously is part of what gets me going.

2. Create a great playlist to get yourself energized. Be shameless with it and change it up often. My favorite morning workout playlist has Chromeo, Marky Mark, Paula Abdul, Haddaway, Michael Jackson, Destiny’s Child, Calvin Harris, Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry. I also have a classic rock mix with The Scorpions, ACDC, and lots of Pat Benetar. Do I know these playlists are terrible? Definitely. There’s a reason I often listen to Spotify on private mode. But these cheesy songs get me moving! Have fun with it. Don’t take it too seriously and keep the songs upbeat!

3. Have your gym accessories ready to go. Fill your water bottle the night before. If you work out at home, have your weights and yoga mat ready and waiting. Planning for a jog? Make sure your gloves and headphones are already in your pockets. Headed to the gym? Grind your coffee the night before and have it ready in the French Press or set the timer on your coffee pot.

4. Have your breakfast and post-workout protein figured out. Make sure you have a quick breakfast, like a banana on hand. Plan for your post-workout protein boost by having almond milk in a shaker bottle in the refrigerator and a tupperware container of your favorite protein powder ready on the counter. If you take a pre-workout, have that measured out and ready to mix with water or juice.

5. Realize that hitting the snooze button is not going to help you, but working out will. Sure you may get some extra sleep. I am a huge fan of sleep, too! But working out will help you in so many ways. A 1-mile run is more invigorating than a latte any day! Aside from the obvious physical and health benefits, there are tons of ways working out can help with your mental health. I find that I have more energy, make better food choices, feel happier, and sleep better when I stick with my workout schedule.

What are things you do to get yourself motivated to workout in the mornings?


  1. Enjoyed this! so true about upbeat music can help! Want cheesy song?
    I haven’t been running as much due to EXTREME cold but whenI did/do, one song on playlist is RUN WITH US a cheesy song form 70’s 80s, but i find workout with positive lyrics cna be helpful,why not always listen ti uplifitn gmuisc. 🙂
    The song was used in 80s cartoon show at end of the show, I listen ot other songs too lol

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