Epiphany Soapworks Soap Review

Epiphany Soapworks Soap Review

When I first tried Epiphany Soapworks, it was when I received the Epiphany Soapworks Cleansing Face Mask to try out. They also sent me two bars of soap as well. I’ve found it a bit hard to find good bar soap. A lot of it contains ingredients that can be irritating to my skin. Because of this, I tend to stick to what I know when it comes to soap and rarely try new brands. I’m glad that I was able to give two bar soaps from Epiphany Soapworks a try. They have eight different kinds. Not only do they have different scents, but they each have their own skin care purpose. They sent me the Exfoliate Bar and the Energize Bar to try out.

Epiphany Soapworks Exfoliate Bar Claims:Your skin will feel silky smooth after using this bar. Handcrafted with a blend of lemongrass essential oils and fresh poppy seeds, this bar makes for an incredible all-natural exfoliant.

Epiphany Soapworks Energize Bar Claims: “Spring to life with this tingly blend of peppermint and citrus essential oils, the perfect combination for lifeless mornings.

Ingredients: Not listed online.

Pros: Handmade in small batches. Very gentle soaps. Nice scents. Cruelty-free brand. Vegan formula.

Cons: This isn’t necessarily a con, but if you have any skin care allergies or concerns I would contact Epiphany Soapworks for an ingredient list before purchasing.

Is Epiphany Soapworks cruelty-free? Yes. Epiphany Soapworks is cruelty-free.

Are the Epiphany Soapworks soaps vegan? Yes. All products from Epiphany Soapworks are cruelty-free and vegan.

Epiphany Soapworks Exfoliate Bar

The Epiphany Soapworks Exfoliate Bar is really unique. I’ve seen other exfoliating bar soaps with oatmeal in them before, but never poppy seeds. I really liked the lemongrass scent and found it very relaxing. While this soap isn’t going to give you the exfoliation of a body scrub, I love that it’s gentle enough to use every day. If you have sensitive skin and find that traditional body scrubs can be irritating, this would be a great option to try out.

Epiphany Soapworks Energize Bar

The Epiphany Soapworks Energize Bar has such an invigorating scent. I loved the combination of citrus and mint together. Neither one was too strong and it smelled really refreshing. At first, I was a bit worried about this soap due to the mix of peppermint and citrus oils. They say that it’s good for mornings, and I totally agree. I was worried that it may irritate or dry out my skin. But the Epiphany Soapworks Energize Bar left my skin feeling clean without feeling dry or irritated.

The Verdict: Both bar soaps from Epiphany Soapworks were really nice. They had a nice lather and my skin felt nourished after I used them. If you are someone who likes bar soap, or wants to venture into using more bar soaps, I would highly suggest Epiphany Soapworks.

Have you tried anything from Epiphany Soapworks before?

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