Epiphany Soapworks Cleansing Face Mask Review

Epiphany Soapworks Cleansing Face Mask Review

One of the great perks of Logical Harmony is constantly being introduced to a lot of independent cruelty-free brands that you don’t find at mainstream stores. Recently Epiphany Soapworks was added to the Cruelty-Free Brand List here on Logical Harmony. I was really intrigued by the variety of their products and the care that has been put into creating them. When they offered to send me a package, I was really excited to see that the Epiphany Soapworks Cleansing Face Mask was included! I love a good face mask and love trying new options.

Claims: “Handcrafted with a mixture of various skin loving clays, such as sea clay and yellow silt, this face mask is the perfect way to soak any excess oil from your face and remove impurities from your skin; essentially giving your face the deepest clean it’s ever felt.

Epiphany Soapworks Cleansing Face Mask Review

Ingredients: The ingredients are not listed on the website. Unfortunately, I got rid of the outer packaging of this mask before noting the ingredients.

How to use: “Mix 1-2 teaspoons of the mask with 2 teaspoons of water. Use more product for a thicker consistency. Apply to face. Leave on for 10-15 or until the mask is completely dry. Gently rinse off and pat dry.

Pros: Comes in very secure packaging. Effective at balancing out my skin. Not too drying or harsh. Great to use when your skin needs some extra TLC. Cruelty-free and vegan brand.

Cons: This isn’t a con with the product, but it would be nice if the ingredients were listed online for people to see what was in the mask before purchasing.

The Verdict: The Epiphany Soapworks Cleansing Face Mask has a clay base, which I often enjoy in a face mask. It smells a bit spicy and bit medicinal. I tried the mask mixed both with water and with a serum to see which way I preferred it. Because I have dry skin, I was a bit nervous that this mask may be a little too harsh for my skin. I found that it worked well. Especially at times when my skin was showing signs of stress and needed to be balanced out. My skin felt very clean and fresh after using this mask. As with most clay masks, I found that I do prefer to use it with a serum instead of water to make it a little less drying.

I think that this is a good basic mask for anyone looking to add a new clay mask to their skincare routine. No matter what your skin type, I can see this mask working well for you. It comes in a very nice glass jar that is easy to seal and store. I also feel that you get a lot of product for the price, which is great for those looking for an effective clay mask on a budget. This is a mask that I will continue to use, and can see being great to balance out my skin during the upcoming season changes.

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