Cruelty-Free SPF Products – Sunscreens & More!

Cruelty-Free SPF Products - Sunscreens & More!
Need help finding cruelty-free SPF products? Watch this video!

Cruelty-free SPF and sunscreens are products that a lot of people ask about. A lot of us know what we need to be wearing an SPF daily, but what are the options? In this video, I share a lot of cruelty-free SPF products with you. Traditional cruelty-free spf sunscreen options are getting easier and easier to find and I get a lot of questions about what daily SPF options can be worn with makeup. Because of that, I focused this video on cruelty-free SPF products that will likely work best with your day-to-day life. I also added in some traditional SPF options as well.

If you’ve been looking for good cruelty-free SPF options, hopefully this video will help!

In this video, I wanted to include a variety of ways that you can add cruelty-free SPF products into your beauty routine. Below I list out all of the products mentioned in the video above. I also included some other cruelty-free SPF products that I don’t have but may be good options as well. Not only are all of these SPF products cruelty-free, but they are also all vegan! This means that they are not only free of animal testing, but also any animal ingredients.

As I mentioned in the video, a lot of people ask about cruelty-free sunscreen and cruelty-free SPF options so I wanted to give you lots to pick from!

Cruelty-Free SPF Products that work with Makeup:

Cruelty-Free SPF Products for your Lips:

Cruelty-Free SPF Spray Sunscreens:

Cruelty-Free SPF Face Sunscreens:

Traditional Cruelty-Free SPF Sunscreens:

What are your favorite ways to work a cruelty-free SPF product into your routine? What are your favorite cruelty-free SPF products?

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  1. Awesome list Tashina! I love Juice Beauty, so happy to see you listed them! I also love that you listed SPF products for your lips, I feel like I always neglect that and only worry about SPF for my face and body.

  2. Re Suntegrity lipsticks with SPF: I sampled a number of these, then bought three. I had not realised that all were “frosted.” This is not an acceptable look for me. (My hair stylist helped me by suggesting that I never wear them again. She was right.) I imagine some people would like the look, but I was so disappointed because it’s very hard to find a cruelty-free actual lipstick with SPF and I thought my search was over. I wrote to the company to explain the problem and educate them that some older women want to stay away from a silvery gleam. We’ll see if anything happens

  3. I’m surprised not to see Mary Kay listed in this article. They are generally considered to be extremely animal friendly and the company is currently working to change legislation in countries like China that require animal testing.

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