Why Cruelty Free Matters – #BlogForBunnies for #BeCrueltyFree Week with @HSIGlobal!

Why Cruelty Free Matters - #BlogForBunnies for #BeCrueltyFree Week with @HSIGlobal!

As part of the annual #BeCrueltyFree week from Humane Society International (HSI), being a part of the #BlogForBunnies project is extremely important to me. Logical Harmony is about promoting a cruelty free lifestyle and we believe that no animals need to be harmed. We try hard to raise awareness about the global progress towards a reduction in animal testing practices and hand-curate a list of Cruelty Free and Vegan Brands so that you are able to make educated decisions on what you are supporting. Working with some amazing non-profits like Humane Society International has been a great part of this journey. They are constantly campaigning for change to be made in the right direction and do an incredible amount of work to reduce animal testing globally.

Here are the reasons why we consider cruelty free to be important.

1. Animal testing is not necessary. At Logical Harmony, we believe that animal testing is completely unnecessary. The tests that are used were created decades ago. Not only are they outdated, but there is no way that they can be considered safe anymore. Not only that, but the large amount of companies who do not test on animals show that any product can be made without animal testing. There is simply no reason to continue to test cosmetics on animals.

Aside from choosing to not sell in markets where animal testing is required, brands can also make the decision to not use ingredients and formulations that are required to be tested on animals. There are thousands of existing ingredients and formulations that are considered safe for human use and do not need to be tested on animals.

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2. Animal testing does not guarantee consumer safety. Many credible studies have shown that the results of animal testing cannot be trusted. To put it simply – we all have different reactions. A cosmetic item that has been tested on a rabbit, guinea pig, rat, cat or dog is not going to have the same result on a person. Species can respond differently to the same chemicals. Some products that have been shown to be safe for human use through animal testing end up having a different reaction once people actually use them. By using ingredients and formulations that are already proven to be safe for human use, animal lives can be spared and the products will have a consistent response when used by people. At that point, brands already know of any potential issues that their products may have and can effectively warn consumers.

3. Animal testing is not ethical. In today’s world, there is no justification for animal testing for cosmetics. Imagine your own pet being put through some of the experiments that lab animals must endure. They are force fed cosmetics, have ingredients dripped into their eyes, and live in inhumane conditions. Many lab animals never see sunlight, have access to fresh air, or feel grass under their feet. They are denied all of the basic elements of a happy and healthy life. Considering the outdated technology that is used and the risks to consumer safety, the facts and ethics behind animal testing show that cruelty free is the only way to go.

So what can you do about animal testing?

Use your money and your voice. The number of cruelty free brands seems to be on the rise. This is something definitely worth celebrating! But what about all of the brands out there who do test on animals? Spending your money wisely can make a huge impact. Buying products from cruelty free brands is a great way to exercise your power as a consumer. It is also important to express your opinions. Let the brands who test on animals know that you are not going to support them and why you are not going to support them.

Aside from brands, it is also important to let government officials know how you feel about animal testing and the importance of implementing bans on animal testing. So far, several regions of the world have implemented some sort of a ban on animal testing. More can be done! Find out who represents your region in your government and write to them about why animal testing is the wrong thing to support. The more people who use their voices, the more likely change is to happen on a global scale.

What exactly is #BeCrueltyFree week? It is HSI’s global awareness raising week to raise awareness about animal testing practices, cruelty free brands, and the importance of the progress being made globally to end animal testing. As you may or may not remember, last year I was a part of the HSI #BeCrueltyFree week campaign as well and was featured in their #BeCrueltyFree video campaign.

You can sign the #BeCrueltyFree pledge at www.hsi.org/BeCrueltyFree.

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