Which Pixi Brushes are Vegan?

Which Pixi Brushes are Vegan?

Drugstore brand Pixi is cruelty free with a lot of vegan options when it comes to their cosmetics. But what about their brushes? Many brands that do not test on animals still use real animal hair in their brushes. But which Pixi brushes are vegan? Logical Harmony reader Randi passed over a list that she received from the brand and agreed that I could share with Logical Harmony readers. Below is an email that she received from Pixi’s customer service department –

Hi Randi. Thanks for asking — the Cheek, Flat Liner, Lip and Cat Liner brushes are synthetic hair.
The Lash & Brow brush is nylon hair.
The Precision, Shadow, and Crease brushes are pony hair.
The Cream Base brush is taklon nylon hair.

I personally use only synthetic brushes as I don’t believe that brands are able to truly verify the source of the fur used in brushes. Many like to present the notion of “cruelty free fur”, but I do not believe that there is such a thing.

Pixi lists ingredients for their brushes on their website, which is very helpful! Since this list may change from time to time, I encourage readers to check there before purchasing any brushes from Pixi.

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  1. Have you ever checked out Sedona Lace? From what I can tell their brushes are all synthetic but high quality. I won a set and they work beautifully; best set of brushes I’ve owned. But I hesitate to share on my blog when I can’t confirm with Caring Consumer or Leaping Bunny. 🙂

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