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Ivory Ella & Logical Harmony

I spend most of my days talking about and testing out new skincare, haircare, and makeup. For most of my blogging and YouTube career, sharing my style with you simply hasn’t been something I was sure people would be interested in. Plus, if we’re being honest, most days you’ll just find me in jeans and a t-shirt or hoodie. Incorporating style pieces is something that a lot of people have requested to see, so it’s something that you may see a bit more of here on Logical Harmony. While having a spring evening out in Napa, we thought it would be fun to share these outfit photos with you as well.

Ivory Ella & Logical Harmony

Recently Ivory Ella reached out to me and wanted to send me some clothes to try out. I took a look at their style and liked it, but it was their mission as a brand that really spoke to me. I talked about it a bit in my Ivory Ella Unboxing Video, but they donate some of their profits to Save the Elephants. This is a cause that I am personally passionate about and I love seeing a brand raising awareness for this issue.

Ivory Ella & Logical Harmony

Some of my favorite pieces are versatile. I’m a sucker for comfy basics that can easily be dressed up or dressed down. I want pieces that I can mix and match with each other and that work easily with things that I already own. I love adding in fun accessories, and I don’t mind logos when they are cute and add to the piece instead of taking away from it. Because of my love of basics, I tend to feel a bit uncomfortable in very trendy pieces. I want to wear them, they just often don’t feel like me.

Ivory Ella & Logical Harmony

What I like about Ivory Ella is that their clothes fit most of my needs. They offer very comfortable and casual basics, which just the right mix of bright colors, bold patterns, and trendy styles. This is the first cropped shirt I’ve worn in years and I actually felt confident in something so different for me. I’ve been wearing the pieces I got a lot and am also pleased with the quality. They haven’t shrunk, twisted, faded, etc. The quality is really nice, and I do love that buying from Ivory Ella is also helping out elephants.

What I’m wearing: Tone It Up Sunglasses, Ivory Ella Cropped Tee (courtesy of Ivory Ella), Ivory Ella Denim Jacket (courtesy of Ivory Ella), Forever 21 Jeans, Forever 21 Cactus Flats.

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