4 Tips to Stay Organized with Blogging

4 Tips to Stay Organized with Blogging

Learning how to blog efficiently is something that has helped Logical Harmony grow a lot over the past few years. It can be hard to balance writing content, working and everything else that goes on in life. Logical Harmony teamed up with HP to bring you four tips to help you stay organized with blogging.

Using the new HP x360 laptop, getting organized is easier than ever. In this post, I share the four tips that have helped me the most as I have grown and developed as a blogger. If you are reading this and are a blogger, you likely have your own tips to share in the comment as well!

Continue reading to find out my tips to stay organized with blogging.

4 Tips to Stay Organized with Blogging

1. Use a day planner to remind yourself of upcoming deadlines and projects. I am one of those people who needs to see things in front of me. Here at Logical Harmony, we use an online shared calendar for meetings. I use my day planner to keep track of campaigns, projects, and deadlines. I also use it to coordinate my posting schedule and document contact with brands. Being able to easily flip through pages to see any gaps in content, events, or meetings can be a lot easier than dealing with an online calendar.

2. Schedule posts ahead of time. Having a backlog of content can be really helpful during times when you are too busy to write. I like to try and plan out at least one to two weeks of content at a time. This means having the photos taken, the content written, the draft scheduled to post, and social media posts scheduled as well. Having this extra wiggle room can really help to keep things going smoothly.

4 Tips to Stay Organized with Blogging

3. Work where you are most comfortable. This is where having a portable device comes in so handy! Being able to move to different areas around the house, easily go to a coffee shop, or sit on the back porch while writing is really easy. Being where I am most comfortable makes the entire process easier. I can sit with my tea or water and really get into blogging mode.

I have been loving using the HP x360 as I move around the house. It has four different modes – laptop, tablet, tent and stand. Each is really great in their own way for helping me stay organized. I can use the tablet mode to quickly view my content calendar, laptop mode to write posts and social media, stand mode to view photos, and tent mode to scroll through content. I also love using tent mode in the kitchen to pull up recipes while cooking. This is a really fun and innovative HP product.

The x360 also has Beats Audio dual speakers. I love to listen to music while I write, and these speakers work great in any of the four modes. Right now, HP is on tour with on tour with Meghan Trainor on her That Bass Tour. I think it’s awesome to see that HP is getting more on trend again. I am excited to see what their future products will be!

4 Tips to Stay Organized with Blogging

4. Pre-shoot photos for the blog and social media. Being prepared with a surplus of photos is so helpful. Justin shoots all the product photos for Logical Harmony and a lot of the social media photos as well. There are several factors that go into getting good shots. The lighting is a big factor. So when Justin takes photos for Logical Harmony, he usually shoots as much as possible at a time. He also edits the photos in bulk. That way, when I have the time to write content, I already have more than enough photos ready to go.

These four tips to stay organized with blogging have really helped to increase how efficiently I write content for Logical Harmony. I would love to hear any tips you use as well. Please leave a comment and let me know!

Content by Tashina Combs. Photos by Justin M.G. Mendez.

This is a sponsored conversation written by myself on behalf of HP. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. Great post Tashina! I personally utilize all the tips you suggested because I love being organized & I can personally attest to how much it has helped my blog grow over the past year!

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