The Ultimate Cruelty-Free Underarm Detox & Deodorant?

The Ultimate Cruelty-Free Underarm Detox & Deodorant?

Finding a good cruelty-free & natural deodorant is a struggle that many of us deal with. Maybe you’ve tried some before without luck, or you find that you have to swap out scents and formulas to stay fresh. Kaia Naturals just came out with some products to help make the entire process more effective. This Cruelty-Free Underarm Detox Kit is meant to help the entire process easier, and to make your favorite natural deodorant more effective. They sent me one to try out, so I wanted to share all the details of the process with you in this video.

Products mentioned in The Ultimate Cruelty-Free Underarm Detox & Deodorant video are:

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Is Kaia Naturals Cruelty-Free?

Yes. Kaia Naturals is cruelty-free. They are on the Logical Harmony Cruelty-Free Brand List.

Are the Kaia Naturals Underarm Detox Kits vegan?

Yes. The Kaia Naturals Underarm Detox Kits are vegan. They are free from any animal and animal derived ingredients. The Deodorant Booster Bar, all scents of the Detox Bath, and all scents of the Takesumi Deodorant are also vegan.

I’ll be using this kit for the next 30 days and plan to update you on the progress once the process is complete. Are you going to pick up a kit to try out? What’s your favorite cruelty-free deodorant?

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