Congrats on deciding to go cruelty-free! I’m excited to help!

My main goal with Logical Harmony is to make your cruelty-free beauty journey as easy as possible. It can be confusing when you’re getting started. Heck, even years into a cruelty-free journey it can be confusing. Whether you’re swapping out a few products from your beauty stash or going all in, I want to help you with the process.

First, I want to say that there’s no wrong way to go cruelty-free. For some people, switching a few products out is all that’s possible. For others, switching everything to vegan products from cruelty-free brands is the way to go. Some people support cruelty-free brands owned by parent companies that are not. Others don’t. Either one is okay.

There is no one size fits all way to go cruelty-free. There also is not a wrong way either. It all helps animals. That’s the goal, right?

Below are some of the most helpful cruelty-free resources from Logical Harmony.

The Cruelty-Free Brand List and list of Brands to Avoid are going to be two pages you’ll use often.

To help make things easier, I wanted to compile some of the most used cruelty-free resources for you. You’ll find a lot of others here on Logical Harmony too. So feel free to stay awhile and please say hi on Instagram if you’d like too!

Cruelty-Free Shopping Guides:

These store-specific guides were created to help you easily find the cruelty-free brands sold at each of these retailers. Where possible, international sites were checked for brands to create the most complete list.

Cruelty-Free Guides by Product Type

Sometimes people struggle looking to swap out a specific type of product. These guides were created to help with the most requested cruelty-free swaps.

Answers to Common Cruelty-Free Beauty Questions

When it comes to cruelty-free beauty, there are some common questions many people have at the start and throughout their cruelty-free journey. I’ve done by best to help with them.

Here on Logical Harmony, you can find a full list of cruelty-free brands as well as shopping guides to help you find the cruelty-free brands at Dermstore, Ulta, Nordstrom, Sephora, Beauty Bay, Beautylish, Cult Beauty, and tons more. There are also lots of vegan product lists for cruelty-free brands too.