Self Tanner Tips & Tricks Video

Self Tanner Tips & Tricks Video

A lot of people ask me about sunless tanning options that are cruelty free and vegan. There are a fair amount of options out there, and I have tried so many of them. I have been using self-tanning products for several years and have finally found my holy grail mix of products. In this video, I share what those products are and also share my tips for getting a flawless and natural looking faux tan!

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Products mentioned in this video are:

Curious what my skin looks like when I am using self tanner? This picture from Instagram shows my skin after just two applications of Beautisol.

Do you use self tanning lotions or mouses? What are your self tanner tips?


  1. I find moisturizing to be super important before I put on tanning mousse or lotion. Once the tanning product is absorbed I put on more lotion. I find it makes the tan last a lot longer!

  2. Have you been able to use the self tanner you mentioned in your video on your face? I have the smaller 4oz size of what you have in the video, and i was wondering if i can save the extra couple of bucks and use it on my face.

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