Petit Vour September Beauty Box Sneak Peek!

[maxbutton id=”2″]Petit Vour September Beauty Box Sneak Peek!

For the Petit Vour September Beauty Box, we are teaming up again! I worked with Petit Vour to co-curate their July Beauty Box. This box featured some of my favorite beauty products for summer (you can see a reveal here). Things went so well with that box that we decided to team up and co-curate another box of our favorite fall essentials!!

Petit Vour September Beauty Box Sneak Peek!

Called Beauty and the Box, the September Beauty box from Petit Vour will bring you a variety of cruelty free and vegan goodies that are great for fall. All items in the box were hand selected by myself and Petit Vour together – we truly love them all!

All week I will be posting sneak peeks on Instagram to keep you on your toes! In each sneak peek an item from the box will be mixed in with other items from previous Petit Vour boxes or from my beauty routine. You won’t know for sure what is in the box until it arrives at your door!

Petit Vour September Beauty Box Sneak Peek!

The boxes start shipping out this week, so be sure to place your order! Petit Vour only carries the best cruelty free and vegan products out there. The boxes start at $15 for subscriptions in the United States. If you are International, the box still only costs $30!

Have you already signed up to receive your September beauty box? If not, when signing up make sure to let them know that you heard about the box from Logical Harmony!


  1. Thanks for sharing! Not sure of what ingredients used are but I thought I would share this I recently made on this topic of “FRAGRANCE” used in products.

    For those who are vegan subscribers who truly want to be sure product is vegan, you may wish to avoid this ingredient as did you know it can contain up to 100 ingredients that they don’t have to disclose because it is a “Trade secret” yet can still say it’s vegan even if it isn’t.

    I made video on this yesterday, focusing more on health of this ingredient and changes coming down the line as in EU.

    “A number of fragrances contain animal products, including animal urine or other secretions from animals. The musk ox amongst other animals like the musk deer, muskrat and beaver, are all used to provide musk from their glands. This can also be contained in the animal urine and so collected and applied in the process of combining all ingredients intended for the resulting perfume or fragrance.” Not sure you wish to share or your thought on this?

    I feel many don’t know this, which is why I shared my video on this topic:

    1. This is so interesting because the other day I wrote a piece about what makes perfume not vegan! That’s really interesting that it’s being banned in the EU.

      I think that a lot of brands are aware that it may be animal derived and stay away from it. But, I do think that a lot of the large companies probably do use animal based fragrance. If they are already using lanolin, animal based glycerin, etc then who’s to say that they are not? I guess that we’ll have to see how the EU ban on fragrance changes things.

      1. Interesting! Thanks but fyi, can be used by even “natural” companies fragrance can contain animal ingredients and is a loopehole as they don’t have to report the ingredients as it is regarded as “trade secrets” by fda-
        bottom line- if anyone wants to buy a product and truly sure it is vegan , may wish to avoid “Fragrance” even in so called cruelty freeor “vegan” brands
        “ITS TRUE MAJOR LOOPHOLE LETS MANUFACTURER include any ingredient in product without listing it”

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