New Jewelry Line to Love – Lovely Rustic

New Jewelry Line to Love - Lovely Rustic

There is just something so amazing about a handmade, perfectly natural, organic, and gorgeous piece of stone jewelry. It looks so cute and feels so powerful. I have been wearing crystal jewelry from Lovely Rustic for some time now and I always get so many compliments and so many questions. Lovely Rustic and I have teamed up to bring you this post so that you can learn more about the jewelry company, check out the line, and even score an amazing discount!

Lovely Rustic is an Etsy jewelry store run out of Portland, Oregon by Stephanie. Stephanie makes earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets. All of them are so unique and so pretty!

I asked her about what inspired her to start Lovely Rustic.

I knew I wanted to open an Etsy shop and use my desire to express myself creatively as an avenue to start a line of handmade goods that people would love and relate to. It took a few tries before I decided that handmade jewelry was my biggest passion, inspiration,and area of expertise. I am truly dedicated to creating a successful and honest business (I am very particular about verifying the authenticity of the stones I use) based on my passion and I plan on sticking around! It has been an arduous journey, but every happy costumer makes all the work and effort totally worth it.

How’s this for a funny story – we actually went to high school together and lived across the street from each other for a couple of years. After we reconnected on Facebook I saw her posting links to her jewelry and was totally blown away. Everything was so pretty and so unique!! After my first order, I was totally hooked on the line and have ordered other items since.

Keep reading to see pieces from Lovely Rustic and find out why you need these accessories in your life!

Here are the reasons why I love the jewelry from Lovely Rustic (and think you should too).

New Jewelry Line to Love - Lovely Rustic
Image courtesy of Lovely Rustic.

The items are all hand made and unique. This also means that each piece is completely one-of-a-kind. Not only are handmade items a lot prettier, but they just have so much more feeling behind them. I think that handmade items make the perfect gift (for yourself or others) because it is something only you will own. It just makes the items more special! They are also really well made. I have never had any sort of a quality issue with the items I have purchased. The amount of attention put into even the smallest details of a piece is amazing.

There is also a decent variety in the price points to allow shoppers of all incomes access to the products. Lovely Rustic also uses a lot of vintage and re-purposed components out of Stephanie’s dedication to staying environmentally conscious and keeping her pieces truly unique while adding character and history.

Using vintage and re-purposing is a relatively important aspect of my line because I do care about the environment and I want to always build a life for myself in which respect for the earth and all its creatures is taken into account in my decision making.

New Jewelry Line to Love - Lovely Rustic
My custom made necklace from Lovely Rustic.

You can order custom pieces. This is especially great when you are looking for something very specific for yourself or someone else. If you know what gemstones they gravitate towards or see a piece you like but need it in a slightly different size, it is very easy to reach out to Stephanie and work out a custom order. I did that when I ordered my necklace. She had a piece that I really liked, but I wanted something slightly smaller. About a week later I had my own perfect necklace in my hands.

New Jewelry Line to Love - Lovely Rustic
One of my favorite pieces from Lovely Rustic. I wear this ring daily.

She knows the taste of her regular customer and lets you know when items you may love are coming available. A few months ago there was this amazing amethyst ring for sale on Lovely Rustic. I totally missed the boat and, of course, someone else purchased it. I was bummed. She knew that I had liked the piece and actually let me know as soon as more were being made. I really appreciated that she took that extra step! Thankfully I did not miss out this time around and it is how I ended up with the ring pictured above. I wear it nearly every day.

New Jewelry Line to Love - Lovely Rustic
Image courtesy of Lovely Rustic

There is a lot of variety in pieces. I feel like most jewelry stores tend to cater to a very specific audience and tend to replicate the same pieces over and over. But Lovely Rustic has a lot of variety in styles, the types of stones that are used, and the materials that are used. This makes browsing the Etsy shop and Instagram page a lot of fun! There are raw stones, druzy stones, sliced stones… So many different stone types! And several metals are used too. The variety is wonderful!

New Jewelry Line to Love - Lovely Rustic
Another ring from Lovely Rustic that I own and love.

There is a lot of knowledge behind the creation of each piece. Not to sound too new agey on you, but I believe that different stones can have different meanings and impact different areas of your mind. Stephanie is knowledgeable about what the different stones mean and what they are good for. So if you are looking for something to help in a specific area, just ask. She is so helpful when it comes to making sure you get exactly what you are looking for.

For being a Logical Harmony reader, you can get a discount on your purchase! This is seriously dangerous. At checkout, use code “HEART15” to get 15% off your purchase. I would love to know which items you purchase, so please let me know in the comments!

You can stay up to date with Lovely Rustic on Instagram.

Editor’s Note: This is a sponsored conversation written by myself on behalf of Lovely Rustic. All opinions and text are are 100% honest and written by Logical Harmony. Four pieces that are included in this post are pieces that I have purchased myself.

Photos by Justin M.G. Mendez unless otherwise noted.


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