#NCLAxLogicalHarmony Nail Wraps!

#NCLAxLogicalHarmony Nail Wraps!

I am so excited to share this news with everyone! If you follow me on Instagram, then the cat’s already out of the bag. Any reader of Logical Harmony knows that NCLA is one of my favorite brands out there. They offer super cute and high quality nail polish and nail wraps that are both cruelty free and vegan. I am lucky enough to have the pleasure of announcing an official collaboration with them!

There are now two NCLAxLogicalHarmony nail wraps! One set is pink gingham with white daises. The other is pastel mint and pink with several patterns overlaid in white – gingham, polka dots, hearts, and cats.

How perfect are they? Now I want to wear nothing but these wraps all the time!

#NCLAxLogicalHarmony Nail Wraps!

One night my boyfriend, Justin, and I were having one of those, “If you didn’t have anything to risk” type conversations about the future of Logical Harmony. He is always very optimistic about things with Logical Harmony and has these amazing ideas that I wouldn’t think were possible in a million years! This idea was one of them. Without him, I never would have thought that this idea was even possible much less would I actually see these nail wraps! Thank you for all the support, Justin. It means the world to me.

NCLA has been one of my favorite brands for a very long time, so being able to do this collaboration is incredible to me. Thank you so much to the NCLA team for the hard work towards these amazingly adorable nail wraps!

Want to get your hands on these NCLAxLogicalHarmony nail wraps? Both NCLA and myself will be running giveaways! Be sure to follow NCLA and Logical Harmony on all social media channels to stay in the loop!

You can stay up to date with NCLA on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTubeInstagram,  and Pinterest. Be sure to follow Logical Harmony on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Photos by Justin M.G. Mendez


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