NCLA Swim Club Collection Video

NCLA Swim Club Collection Video

When I got a sneak peek at the NCLA Swim Club collection while in LA a few months ago, I was SO excited for it to be released. Now the shades are finally out! The Swim Club collection contains four shades that are perfect for spring and summer. Watch the video to hear my initial thoughts on each shade in the collection.

Continue reading to watch the NCLA Swim Club Collection Video!

Included in NCLA Swim Club collection are:

What shade from the NCLA Swim Club collection is your favorite?

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  1. These are so pretty! I’ve never tried NCLA polish so this is a great excuse to pick up a few summer shades ????

  2. I’ve never tried NClA but you write so much about them I may just try this mocha nude. It’s really pretty. Have you tried Mineral Fusion Nail polishes? Wondering what’s your opinion on these if you have? They last one full week on me and I clean around the house a lot!

    1. I haven’t tried them before! I really should though! What are your favorite shades?

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