My Healthy Travel Essentials ft. Orchard Valley Harvest!

My Healthy Travel Essentials ft. Orchard Valley Harvest!

A recent trip made me realize how important having healthy travel essentials on hand really is. It was a short trip and I wanted to pack as lightly as possible, but I also wanted to pack smart and have my plane essentials with me. It can be really hard to take care of yourself while traveling. Not only is the airport and airplane full of recycled air that can mess with your skin (and immune system!), but it can be really hard to find healthy snacks while traveling too.

For this post, I’m partnering with Orchard Valley Harvest to share my healthy travel essentials and offer one lucky winner a chance to win some snacks of their own as well as a $50 Visa gift card!

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The first thing that I think about when getting ready is making sure my skin handles the trip. Airplane air can be so incredibly drying. Not to mention, sometimes my skin can react to climate changes depending on the weather of where I am going. To keep my skin hydrated, I like to travel with a small spray bottle of Rosewater from The Heritage Store and a travel-size Dreamy Youth Day and Night Face Cream from Pacifica. Rosewater is really nourishing for your skin but also has aromatherapy purposes as well.

Speaking of aromatherapy, as someone who gets anxious flying, I like to travel with some soothing oil. The Inner Peace Serum from Lotus Wei is my favorite. This blend of lavender, vetiver, geranium, and allspice is very soothing and grounding. I apply a little bit to my pulse points and my palms and inhale as needed during takeoff, turbulence, or landing.

My Healthy Travel Essentials ft. Orchard Valley Harvest!

My next focus is snacks. It can be hard to know if airports will have vegan options available, and I like to be sure that I have something healthy while traveling. Orchard Valley Harvest snacks are a great alternative to most snacks available while traveling. So many small shops and airport mini marts carry only impulse purchases like chips and candy. While these may work in a pinch, it’s much better to be prepared ahead of time with the convenient sizes of Cranberry Almond Cashew Trail Mix. It can sometimes be really hard to find vegan options while traveling, so packing your own is essential. The Cranberry Almond Cashew Trail Mix is a vegan mix of dried cranberries, almonds, and cashews.

The Cranberry Almond Cashew Trail Mix is a vegan mix of dried cranberries, almonds, and cashews. This is a great option because it travels well, you don’t need to worry about it being an issue getting through security, and it’s healthier than most of what I tend to find in airports. Nuts contain fiber, protein, minerals, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. All of which are good for you. Even though the cranberries are sweetened, it’s still an extra Vitamin C boost.

My Healthy Travel Essentials ft. Orchard Valley Harvest!

I tend to crave comfort foods while traveling and the Cranberry Almond Cashew Trail Mix helps me fill that craving for something salty and a little bit sweet without overdoing it. I love that you can buy them in single-serving bags. If you are traveling with several people, or for several days, the Multi Pack size is a great option as it contains eight single-serving bags. If cranberries aren’t your thing, Orchard Harvest also sells nuts and other dried fruits on their own. Even when I’m not travelling, these are perfect to throw in my purse for days when I know I will be out and about for a long time.

I also prepare my immune system by getting some tea and over healthy drinks. While traveling, I like to stash a few bags of the Traditional Medicinals Organic Cold Care P.M. tea in my carry-on bag. While most planes do offer tea as a drink option, I like to request hot water and hope that drinking these instead will help ward off any germs floating around. My fruit-infusing water bottle is a necessity. I add fresh lemon slices before leaving home and fill it up after passing through security to make sure I have alkalizing lemon water. When possible, I also pick up a green juice or smoothie from the airport to bring on my flight to get even more vitamins in my system.

Thanks to Orchard Valley Harvest, one lucky reader will win some Orchard Valley Harvest snacks and $50 Visa gift card! This giveaway is open to US residents only. All entry options and full rules are located in the widget below.

Orchard Valley Harvest Giveaway

Orchard Valley Harvest snacks are high quality and yummy. The nuts and fruits used are picked when ripe, minimally processed and have no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. They are also non-GMO project verified. The Cranberry Almond Cashew Trail Mix is my favorite vegan option from them. You can find additional information about the Orchard Valley Harvest product line, and see where they are available near you, on their website.

What are your healthy travel essentials? Did you enter the giveaway with Orchard Valley Harvest?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Orchard Valley Harvest. The opinions and text are all mine. As always, I would not promote or work with a brand whose products I do not use and enjoy. Comments submitted may be displayed on other websites owned by the sponsoring brand.

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  1. I like to bring wet wipes with me to wipe down the seat tray on the airplane. I’m pretty sure they don’t disinfect or wipe down much when cleaning the plane.

    Will check out those Cranberry Almond Cashew nut packs too.


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