Heritage Store Rose Water Rosepetals Review

Heritage Store Rose Water Rosepetals Review

For a while, I had been hearing that adding rosewater to your skin care routine could have really great benefits. Not only is it said to be hydrating, but rose oil is said to help even out your complexion and skin tone. I picked up the Heritage Store Rose Water Rosepetals spray because it seemed like an affordable way to try out rosewater. Plus, I have had great luck with other Heritage Store products that I have used in the past.

Claims: “Experience the delicate floral scent of real roses any time of the year! Rosewater is truly versatile with numerous benefits from culinary gourmet flavoring to uplifting cosmetic mist. Use as a perfume, body splash or add to your hair rinse or bath water. You can also combine with therapeutic oils to make your own complexion formula.

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Ingredients: Vor-mag Water (water that has been vortexed and magnetized to raise the energy to a higher vibration that we believe to be more beneficial). and Rosa Damascena (Hydroessential Rose) Flower Oil.

Pros: Very gentle mist. Lightly scented. Hydrating and soothing. Cruelty free brand. Vegan formula.

Cons: None.

The Verdict: The Heritage Store Rose Water Rosepetals is a regular part of my skincare and beauty routine. Not only do I use it as a toner after washing my face, but I also mist it over my skin to keep my makeup fresh during the day. I love the light scent and it does a lot to keep my skin feeling fresh and hydrated. There is even a concentrated version of their rosewater that I really want to try using mixed into my moisturizer to see if I can get more benefits from it.

The Heritage Store Rose Water Rosepetals is available from Heritage Store, Drugstore.com, or Walgreens. Sign up for Ebates and get cash back on your purchase from Drugstore.com and Walgreens.

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  1. Have you tried the Heritage Store Rose Water Rosepetals spay that has Glycerin in it? It’s vegetable glycerin and I’ve read glycerin can help hydrate. Just wondering what your thoughts were on that. 🙂

    1. Usually the store brands are 3rd party products with the stores label on them, so it’s very tricky to tell. As a rule of thumb, I would assume that they are not cruelty-free. Lots of the big brands who test, such as L’Oreal, supply these products.

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