My Day at BeautyCon with RhianHY of WifeLife

My Day at BeautyCon with RhianHY of Wife Life

This year, Justin and I were lucky enough to attend BeautyCon with my good friend Rhian and one of my favorite cruelty-free and vegan brands, Pacifica! Most of you are probably familiar with Rhian but, if not, she runs WifeLife and her own YouTube channel. We are really great friends and it’s always nice to spend some time together eating too much Veggie Grill, joking around, and playing with makeup. As you also already know, Pacifica is one of my all time favorite brands and a brand that I grew up using.

Being able to join Pacifica and Rhian at BeautyCon LA was a great experience! It was great to meet so many of you there! Watch the video below the cut to see more of my day at BeautyCon with Rhian!

Thank you so much to Pacifica for this amazing experience! It was so wonderful to meet so many readers and subscribers, as well as other content creators that I love.

Being able to spend time with Rhian is always great! We spent a few days together in the San Francisco area after BeautyCon, so be sure to check out both our channels for some additional videos in the future.

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