L’Oreal Donates Money To Help End Animal Cosmetics Testing

Yet L’Oreal is not going to stop testing their products on animals.

L'Oreal Donates Money To Help End Animal Cosmetics Testing - Yet still isn't going to stop their testing on animals

At first, this headline sounds pretty good. Cosmetics giant L’Oreal donates $1.2 million to help end cosmetic animal testing. It’s a large amount to help research ways to be animal friendly. The money will be used by the EPA in their ToxCast tool. ToxCast screens chemicals and substances to determine if they are toxic to humans or not. L’Oreal is also giving the EPA their own data on irritating and toxic substances to use as well.

There are so many amazing cosmetic companies out there that have already shown you can easily make high quality cosmetics without testing on animals and, in many cases, without the use of animal ingredients. For any and every product that you need, a quality version that wasn’t tested on animals and a quality version that is vegan can be found. This is without all the extra research that L’Oreal is helping with.

However, don’t be fooled by L’Oreal’s donation. While yes, this is a great thing to donate money to, wouldn’t it make more sense if L’Oreal stopped testing their own products on animals too? This donation just seems to be a way to get good PR. If L’Oreal were truly concerned with the well-being of animals and finding alternatives to animal testing, wouldn’t they start with their own products first? Doesn’t that seem like the logical first step?

Now, if L’Oreal is also giving the EPA their own data, I have to ask… Is this data that they collected through their animal testing practices? L’Oreal is one of the worst cosmetic companies when it comes to being rated by their treatment of animals. Even before I made the change to a vegan lifestyle, and even when I didn’t always check if my products had been tested on animals (trust me, this is something I do feel guilty about!), I always avoided L’Oreal because of their reputation.

What do you think about this news from L’Oreal? Do you think that they are really going to work to end testing on animals, or is this just a great campaign for them to boost their reputation?

No matter where you stand on this issue, I urge you to please use animal friendly cosmetics and household products. So many companies have proven that you can make great products without harming animals in any way. There’s no need to wait for data to find new ways to make products – they already exist!

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  1. I just stumbled across your blog and am so happy I found it! I’m also committed to purchasing 100% cruelty free items. I did read an article that stated that L’Oreal would stop testing on animals in 2013. Still though, I refuse to purchase L’Oreal items and will avoid them like the plague even when they do supposedly go “cruelty free”. This article just proves how heartless this company is as well as other companies that test on animals. Animal testing is not an accurate way to determine whether or not a product will be safe to a human due to biological and physiological differences. I hope your blog can get that message out there!

  2. Would you provide links to L’Oreal’s animal testing policy? If they test where required by law but otherwise don’t that is a very different thing from just testing b/c they can. From what I understand if they want to sell in China (a ridiculusly big market that is currently booming in consumption of luxury goods like cosmetics) then animal testing is required.

    And if L’Oreal is just testing b/c Chinese laws require it then our focus should be to get those laws off the books and not protest a company that is just abiding by current laws.

  3. What a bunch of HYPOCRITES! I was so confused when I first read the title of this post, because I knew they test on animals. I personally find this really annoying, instead of donating they should work harder to stop testing on animals!

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