Logical Harmony Nominated for Best Vegan Blog of 2013 by Animal Place!

Logical Harmony Nominated as Best Vegan Blog of 2013 by Animal Place!

I just found out that Logical Harmony is in the running for the Best Vegan Blog of 2013 by Animal Place! This is such an honor to just be nominated. The other blogs that were selected are all amazing! Winning this would mean so much to me as Logical Harmony is something I have literally put my blood, sweat and tears into over the past 2 years.

Animal Place is a sanctuary for farm animals located here in Northern California. You may remember hearing of Animal Place after the Turlock, CA hen rescue, which was the largest farm rescue in history – over 4,000 hens were saved from starvation. Since that time, Animal Place has taken in and rehabilitated countless animals. They just did another hen rescue and are currently seeking donations to help care for these animals. They are truly a great sanctuary that is worth supporting.

I’m already amazed by the support I’ve received from friends and readers on Twitter and Facebook. Thank you SO much to everyone who has already voted! Not just for the vote, but for your kind words and support. I was truly blown away at some of the positive feedback I received on Twitter!

If you read Logical Harmony regularly and appreciate what it brings to the table, please vote in this contest! I would be so grateful!

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