Green & Gorgeous Organics Dry Shampoo Review

Green & Gorgeous Organics Dry Shampoo Review

If you have watched any of my hair care videos or empties videos, you know that I am a dry shampoo addict. I have baby fine hair, and while it’s not greasy, a lot of products simply don’t work well with my hair type. I also try to only wash my hair a couple of times a week (and sometimes life just gets in the way and delays my hair washing days…), so having dry shampoo around is essential. Recently, I got to try the Green & Gorgeous Organics Dry Shampoo. They sent me three different types to try and test out. Given my love of dry shampoo, and previous experience with a variety of brands, I was both excited and nervous to try them out.

Claims: “A non-toxic, talc-free powder that cleans your hair without the use of water. Our special formula quickly absorbs the oil from your roots, leaving your hair feeling and smelling fresh, while giving it extra boost of volume. Our Organic Dry Shampoo powder is best used in between washes, after the gym, while traveling, at festivals or even camping. 

Green & Gorgeous Organics Dry Shampoo Review

Ingredients: Organic Arrowroot Powder, Organic Brown Rice Powder, Organic Horsetail (Shavegrass) Powder, All Natural Clay, Aluminum Free Baking Soda, Organic Essential Oils.

Green & Gorgeous Organics Dry Shampoo Review

Pros: Smells great. Works well to refresh dirty hair. Nice scents. Comes in shades for dark hair. Talc free. GMO free. Cruelty-free and vegan brand.

Cons: It’s not really a con, but there is a slight learning curve for application of powder dry shampoos. For best results, give yourself a few extra minutes the first time you use it.

Green & Gorgeous Organics Dry Shampoo Review

The Verdict: The Green & Gorgeous Organics Dry Shampoo is probably the best natural dry shampoo that I have ever used. I have tried several other powder dry shampoos, and several other natural dry shampoos, and most simply didn’t work. At best, my hair remained looking as dirty as before. At worst, it created a paste in my baby fine strands. But the Green & Gorgeous Organics Dry Shampoo worked SO well! I tried three different scents, including one meant for dark hair, and had great results with all of them. I was really pleased. Especially considering my past results with other similar dry shampoos.

I do think that a huge part of what makes them so effective is the different application method. By using the synthetic bristled brush to apply the dry shampoo, you can really work the product into your hair in a way that you can’t with your fingers.

Using the Green & Gorgeous Organics Dry Shampoo, I was able to keep my hair smelling fresh, looking, and feeling clean for up to 3 days after washing. If you’ve been looking for a good natural dry shampoo, you need to try out the Green & Gorgeous Organics Dry Shampoo!

Green & Gorgeous Organics was also kind enough to offer a discount code for Logical Harmony readers! You can use code TASHINA to get 15% off your purchase!

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  1. Wow I got one of these in the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box and used it a bunch but I don’t feel like it did anything for my hair or soaked up any grease or gave it any volume. Maybe I’m applying it wrong? I would love to see a how-to video!!

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