Cruelty-Free Cleaning Brand Astonish Launching in US!

Cruelty-Free Cleaning Brand Astonish Launching in US!

Right now, many of us are looking for new cruelty-free and vegan-friendly household brands to use. Especially brands that are easily available in stores across the country. Astonish, a cleaning brand that was recently approved by Logical Harmony as both cruelty-free and vegan, is very popular in the UK. Now they are coming to the US!

Starting tomorrow, Astonish will be in some Bed Bath & Beyond stores. Don’t want to wait or don’t have a store near you? Astonish is also already available online from Bed Bath & Beyond! It’s very exciting to see a major retailer like Bed Bath & Beyond start to carry a cruelty-free brand like Astonish.

The number of products available will be a limited version of the Astonish range, but still enough to clean your home.

Available from Bed Bath & Beyond initially will be the following Astonish products:

We will be picking some up to try out and also letting Bed Bath & Beyond know how much we appreciate them offering cruelty-free cleaning products. If Astonish gains traction in Bed Bath & Beyond, they will hopefully be able to bring even more of their cleaning range into the US.

Will you be checking out Astonish in your local Bed Bath & Beyond or ordering online?

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  1. Have you ordered directly from their USA website before? I saw that they had one and was curious about ordering from their wider range of products.

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