Buddha Teas 4th Heart Chakra Tea

Buddha Teas 4th Heart Chakra Tea

While I do not often talk about tea on Logical Harmony, drinking tea is a very important part of my daily life. I first got into tea when working at a high-end tea shop several years ago. As I learned more about the different kinds of teas and tried more of them, I definitely could tell that different blends have an impact on our bodies and minds. Even just the act of sipping a warm cup of tea can be a very relaxing and soothing ritual.

When Buddha Teas offered to send me some tea to try out, I was very interested in their Chakra Teas. This line is very unique. As described by Buddha Teas, “The word ‘chakra’ is an ancient Sanskirt term that refers to the centers of energy that are believed to be present in our physical bodies and our consciousness. The concept of the seven chakras also represents the interconnection of our bodies, thoughts, ideas, actions, and emotions. Here we present you with a line of chakra teas that have been thoughtfully represented by the herbs and elements that compliment each individual chakra.

Continue reading to find out my thoughts on Buddha Teas 4th Heart Chakra Tea.

I picked out the 4th Chakra Tea to try out. The 4th chakra is the heart chakra. Having a balanced 4th chakra can help with anxiety, insecurity, and fear. If you are a fan of Gabby Bernstein like I am, then you know that fear is what feeds the ego and ultimately all of our negative thoughts. There is a meditation practice that is meant for healing the 4th chakra by chanting, “I love”. As described by, Buddha Teas, the blend of herbs and berries in this tea are known to resonate with and empower the 4th chakra. Because I believe that we can all use less fear in our lives, this seemed like the perfect tea to try.

This tea is a very soothing caffeine free blend of hawthorn berry, jasmine flower, hawthorn leaf, hysscop, and lavender flower. All of the ingredients come from non-GMO sources and are also all organic. This tea is also infused with the essence of rose quartz crystal. This crystal is meant to bring the energies of compassion, tenderness, and healing. How does Buddha Teas infused the essence of a crystal into their tea? By setting these herbs in the crystal’s presence for extended periods of time.

I loved adding this tea to my evening ritual. Not only does it smell and taste amazing, but it was just so soothing and calming. Most evenings you can find me sipping a cup of Budda Tea, reading a book, with my Himalayan salt lamp running. It may have been the blend of the herbs, the crystal essence, or just the act of sipping such a lovely tea, but I did feel an improvement in my mood and more calm overall.

After trying the 4th Chakra Tea from Budda Teas, I am definitely very interested in trying out their other teas. I already have a box of their Chaga Tea to try out as well. I can’t wait to share my thoughts on that tea as well! Buddha Teas has an incredible selection to choose from. If you are interested in adding teas to your daily practice, I would definitely suggest checking out Buddha Teas. They are a delicious and wonderful way to make your day just a little bit better.

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