At Home Gel Manicure with NCLA

At Home Gel Manicure with NCLA

I get a lot of questions about vegan gel manicure options and about the NCLA Gelous Gel Like Top Coat. People want to know how to apply it, if you need to cure it with a light, how it wears, and how to remove it. In this video, I show you how I do my at home manicures using this top coat and do my best to answer all the questions I have received about this at home gel manicure technique.

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Products featured in this video are:

While you can buy the Gelous top coat and polishes separately, NCLA has a line of duo’s that make it even easier (and affordable) to get an at home gel manicure. The So Gelly duo’s come in ten different colors. Each duo has a polish shade and a bottle of Gelous.

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