Ahimsa Naturals Brush Cleaner Review

Ahimsa Naturals Brush Cleaner Review

Many of us know the importance of washing our makeup brushes. For those who do not, you’re about to learn. Keeping your brushes clean not only helps your makeup go on smoother, but it helps your brushes last longer and can help promote healthier skin. Did you know that your brushes transfer bacteria from your face to your products and back again? This can lead to unnecessary blemishes. Washing your makeup brushes each week should be a part of your beauty routine if it is not already.

Recently, I received the Ahimsa Naturals Brush Cleaner from Kind Beauty Collective. Kind Beauty Collective is a new online store that sells only cruelty free and vegan items. The founder, Alexis, is a makeup artist by trade. This means that all of the products carried by Kind Beauty Collective are not just cruelty free and vegan, but also high quality as well. I was really excited to try out this brush cleaner. When a Alexis, a professional makeup said that this brush cleaner was amazing, I knew that my brushes were in for a treat on their next washing!

Claims: “Wash multiple brushes at one time. Promotes longer life span and shedding of brushes. Ahimsa Naturals brush cleaner was born with the intention of keeping your makeup brushes clean and in beautiful condition without the use of harsh detergents, toxic chemicals or animal derived ingredients. Natural ingredients gently cleanse, moisturize and disinfect makeup brushes.”

Continue reading to find out more about the Ahimsa Naturals Brush Cleaner!

Ahimsa Naturals Brush Cleaner Review

Ingredients: No specific ingredient listing is available online or on the packaging.

Pros:  Works very well. Effectively and quickly washed my brushes. Left my brushes feeling soft. Naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Sulfate free. Made in the United States. Cruelty free brand. Vegan formula.

Cons: No ingredient listing on the packaging or online. This could be problematic for those with sensitive skin, those with allergies to some natural ingredients or those interested in knowing all of the ingredients of each product they use.

The Verdict: I really liked this brush cleaner a lot. It worked really well! For a long time, I have used a bar of Dr. Bronners to clean my makeup brushes. This is the first traditional brush cleanser that I have used. I was really impressed with how quickly it thoroughly cleaned my brushes. Even hard to clean brushes, such as my foundation and concealer brush, were easy to clean with the Ahimsa Naturals brush cleaner. I wish they published the ingredient list online and that it was also on the packaging. Ahimsa Naturals is cruelty free and this product is vegan, but I would love to know exactly what is in it.

Overall, I really liked this product. I have been using it on my brushes for a while and love how soft and clean it makes them feel. If you are looking to try a new brush cleaner, this is a great one to check out!

You can stay up to date with Ahimsa Naturals on Instagram. Stay up to date with Kind Beauty Collective on Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. All items carried by Kind Beauty Collective are both cruelty free and vegan.

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Photos by Justin M.G. Mendez


  1. I just got this in my very first Kind Beauty Collective order! I plan to try it out over the weekend. I really do wish that they had the ingredients listed since I have such sensitive skin, I’m going to do have to do a skin patch test on my wrist tonight to see if it will be safe for me to use.

    1. I agree! I really wish they listed them! But, I trust Kind Beauty Collective. Their standards are very high! This cleaner is amazing. Each time I wash my brushes I am shocked at how fast it washes them and how clean they get.

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