What is Third-Party Animal Testing?

What is Third-Party Animal Testing?

One of the most common questions we get here at Logical Harmony is “What is third-party animal testing?” This phrase is often used in the cruelty free world but is rarely explained. In an effort to help make things easier for you to make the best choice for yourself, we wanted to explain what this phrase means and how it sometimes may be used.

Deciding which products to use is something that is a personal decision. At Logical Harmony, we only feature brands that are completely cruelty free and also offer products that are made without the use of animal ingredients. We do not consider third-party testing to be cruelty free. Neither do organizations such as Leaping Bunny and PETA.

So what is 3rd party animal testing? Keep reading to find out more about this phrase and what it means.

If you are a long-time reader of Logical Harmony, you likely already know that the cruelty free world has many layers. Some brands state that they are cruelty free when the products are tested on animals. Some of these brands may even print, “not tested on animals”, or, “cruelty free”, on the packaging. How can this be done? Through third-party animal testing.

Third-party animal testing is testing that occurs on products but is not done by the brand itself.

This means that animal testing could be done by an ingredient supplier, a lab formulating the products, an affiliate company, a parent company, or a lab hired by a government agency. Animal testing could occur in a variety of combinations listed as well.

Since the brand itself is not actually testing the products on animals, but instead paying for someone else to test on animals for them, this is third-party animal testing. There are many brands who use third-party testing who state that they are cruelty free. And, while it not transparent, it is technically correct as they are not the ones doing the actual animal testing.

Because of this, Logical Harmony always ask brands about any potential third-party animal testing that may occur on their products at any level. A true cruelty free brand will not have any third-party animal testing involved in the ingredients, production of their products, or on their finished products.

Do you have additional questons about third-party animal testing? Please let us know in the comments!


  1. This is really informative, thank you! Though I’m confused about how NYX is considered CF even though they are owned by L’oreal. PETA has certified them as CF also. How does that work?

    1. Hi Corrin,

      Glad to hear this helps! In this instance, NYX is still cruelty free. Their items aren’t tested on animals and they don’t use any ingredients that have been tested on animals. While their parent company does test their own products on animals, L’Oreal is not testing NYX products on animals. Does that help to explain things?

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