Urban Decay Promises To Remain Cruelty Free

Urban Decay Promises To Remain Cruelty Free

The past few months have been pretty crazy for fans of Urban Decay who only use cruelty free and/or vegan cosmetics. First the brand announced their plans to sell in China (where animal testing is required by law), then they went back on that decision. Last week it was announced that L’Oreal bought Urban Decay. L’Oreal is notoriously known as one of the worst offenders when it comes to animal testing, so this raised quite a lot of questions for the once outspoken cruelty free brand. Now the brand has assured PETA that they will not be testing their products on animals.

I am very happy to hear that PETA worked with Urban Decay to get this statement in writing. To many, Urban Decay having a parent company that tests on animals is enough to make them ditch the brand regardless of their own stance. For another large number, the flip flopping of the brand over the past several months is also enough for them to not want to support Urban Decay. On the other hand, I can’t imagine it being easy to be a cruelty free brand that has just been bought out by a company like L’Oreal and how difficult it must be to preserve the brands original morals.

While I as an individual will not be supporting the brand, and you will not see their products featured on Logical Harmony, I am glad that they have decided to not sell in China like the majority of L’Oreal brands. In an ideal world Urban Decay would have never sold to a parent company that tests on animals like L’Oreal does, but them remaining a cruelty free brand is better than nothing. I choose to leave the parent company issue up to readers, but I do believe that having access to information on all cruelty free brands with vegan options is important for everyone – even if you don’t purchase the brand yourself.

Source: PETA

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