An Update on Flower Beauty’s Vegan Status

An Update on Flower Beauty's Vegan Status

A couple of weeks ago Logical Harmony reported that Flower Beauty may no longer be a vegan friendly brand. While I have been unable to receive clarification or a response from their PR firm that I was talking to (as well as Flower Beauty themselves), I have talked to the Flower Beauty about it in the past week and have received clarification from them.

At this time, Flower Beauty is not a completely vegan line. They are still completely cruelty free and have a lot of vegan options, but there are animal ingredients used in some items. I was told that they do use beeswax and carmine. Their glycerine and other potentially animal sourced items are, as I was originally told, plant based. So please read all packaging and look for beeswax and carmine before purchasing.

To add even more interest to this situation, fellow cruelty free makeup blogger Christine, ofย MakeUp Guinea Pig, let me know that after reading my last post about Flower Beauty (Flower Beauty may No Longer be Vegan Friendly), she went and looked at the ingredients of items she had purchased when the line first came out. One of the lipsticks lists carmine as an ingredient. While I had received word of and saw packaging with “may contain carmine” listed, this is the first I have heard of carmine appearing on an ingredient list. None of the Flower Beauty products I own or looked at in stores listed either beeswax or carmine as an ingredient.

In regards to the “may contain carmine” statement, I was unable to get clarity about if this was still true or not. I was originally told that this statement appeared because Flower Beauty was using shared equipment. I’m unclear as to if this statement is still on some packaging because of shared equipment or if these items actually may contain carmine. The brand has not responded with any further details about this statement.

While I have requested to work with the brand to create a vegan items list, I am not sure that this will happen. I can understand them being hesitant because it’s a big task to keep it updated. Many brands that do have a vegan section often let it fall out of date. Even when working with this brands and buying items on vegan lists, I still think that it’s best to always check the ingredient list yourself.

I was unable to get clarification about the miscommunication that happened. It is concerning to me that a brand’s PR firm and customer service team were saying something very different several months ago. Do I believe this was done intentionally? Not at all. This is clearly a case of people internally not being on the same page about the products and their communication. Does it impact my trust in the brand? Most definitely.

The brand has been apologetic about the miscommunication and has done a great job of talking to me about this situation. I am assuming this is being handled internally, as it should be, and hopeful that the brand will be more clear about this in the future.

At this time, Flower Beauty will be placed back on the cruelty free & vegan brands list as a cruelty free brand with vegan options.


  1. I emailed Flower Beauty to ask if any shades of the Zoom In mascara are vegan, as the ingredients list says that it may contain carmine. Their response was really short: “Hi Laura,

    Our products are not vegan.

    Thank you for your interest in FLOWER.

    So now they won’t say that any of their products are vegan? I’m so confused!

  2. I agree. I’m just going to avoid flower beauty. Seems shady and I won’t be buying unless they agree to help make a list of their vegan options. Now I have to go to Sprouts to buy Gabriel’s cosmetics to try them out. Thank you Logical Harmony!!

  3. Thanks for the update! To be honest, I will avoid the brand until this gets totally straightened out. I really don’t want to go to Walmart anyway and i’m tired ot brands sending out false info to the vegan community and seeming not to care.

    It’s 2014, anyone who works in customer service or social media for beauty brands should be well versed in the company’s policies and whatever info they have on animal ingredients so it’s all consistent. I don’t care if a brand has three vegan options or thirty, if we can’t get straight or true answers out of them, i’m going to go with another brand.

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