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Justin’s Buffalo Tempeh Reuben

Justin's Buffalo Tempeh Reuben

A good sandwich can be a pretty big deal. An average sandwich needs some sides to complete the meal. But a good sandwich? A good sandwich is a meal in itself. Justin and I both love sandwiches, and we both especially love a good Reuben sandwich. The other day we both had a major craving for tempeh Reubens. Justin decided to get creative in the kitchen and came up with this amazing buffalo tempeh Reuben recipe.

This recipe mixes classic Reuben flavors with some kick. There’s the smoky tempeh, the tangy “thousand island” sauce, gooey melted cheese, the salty tartness of sauerkraut, and the heat of buffalo sauce and pickled jalepeños. On their own all of these ingredients are good. Brought together between two slices of toasted bread? This is an amazing combination!

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