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Ahisma Naturals Brush Cleaner Review

Ahimsa Naturals Brush Cleaner Review

Many of us know the importance of washing our makeup brushes. For those who do not, you’re about to learn. Keeping your brushes clean not only helps your makeup go on smoother, but it helps your brushes last longer and can help promote healthier skin. Did you know that your brushes transfer bacteria from your face to your products and back again? This can lead to unnecessary blemishes. Washing your makeup brushes each week should be …

January Favorites Video

January Favorites 2015 Video

In this video, I share my January favorites with you. These are the items that I kept reaching for to use or that I discovered and are new favorites. Some of these items have been reviewed on Logical Harmony in the past while others have not. Also included in the video is a sneak peek of a brand new product from Pacifica! All the products included are cruelty free and vegan. The video is located …