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Cruelty-Free Drugstore Brands

Cruelty-Free Drugstore Brands

Looking for cruelty-free drugstore brands? This guide has you covered! Many Logical Harmony readers ask for help finding good drugstore products from cruelty-free brands. Many people believe that it’s hard to find cruelty-free drugstore brands, or difficult to find cruelty-free and vegan options at the drugstore. Thankfully, there are now more cruelty-free drugstore brands than ever before!

That’s why I decided to create this list of cruelty-free drugstore brands. This guide includes brands that offer cruelty-free brands that can easily be found at drugstores or large chain stores such as Target, Ulta, CVS, Walgreens, Superdrug, Priceline Pharmacy, and more! It’s exciting to see these stores catching on to the fact that people want to purchase cruelty-free drugstore brands and to see them start to carry more and more cruelty-free options.

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Vegan Cuts Leaping Bunny Fresh Start Kit Review

[maxbutton id=”1″][maxbutton id=”2″]Vegan Cuts Leaping Bunny Fresh Start Kit Review

Vegan Cuts and Leaping Bunny have teamed up to release a limited-edition beauty box! The Vegan Cuts and Leaping Bunny Fresh Start Kit features only Leaping Bunny approved brands. Many people are familiar with Leaping Bunny because they are one of the best authorities when it comes to finding out if a brand is truly cruelty free or not. When Leaping Bunny asked me if I wanted to receive it again, I was very interested to see what goodies it would contain.

Included in my Vegan Cuts and Leaping Bunny Fresh Start Kit was the following items:

  • Alba Botanica ACNEdote Clean ‘n Treat Towelettes – I current have some other Alba Botanica face wipes and really enjoy them. Their towelettes do a wonderful job of removing makeup and leave my face feeling very clean. The ACNEdote towelettes were a bit drying for my skin type, but they still worked very well. A package of 10 towelettes was included in this box.
  • Aubrey Organics EveryDay Basics Moisturizer – This was a great moisturizer that I could see working well for all skin types. It absorbed quickly and did not leave my skin feeling greasy or too dry. It had a soothing and subtle lavender scent. A deluxe 1.7 ounce sample size was included in the box.
  • Crazy Rumors Plum Apricot Bunny Balm – I received a tube of this lip balm in a box from Vegan Cuts last year and love it, so I was very excited to get another. Crazy Rumors lip balms are so moisturizing and do not leave shine on your lips. This scent is really unique and fun. A full size 1 ounce tube was included in the box.
  • Desert Essence Hand and Body Lotion in Island Mango – I have purchased this same lotion in other scents and really enjoy it. It does a great job of hydrating, the scents are natural, and I like that you can close the tube to keep the product fresh. The Island Mango scent was delicious and fresh, not at all artificial or sweet. A full size 8 ounce tube was included in the box.
  • JASÖN Antiplaque Toothpaste in PowerSmile Antiplaque & Whitening – This is a toothpaste that I have actually purchased several times on my own before receiving this box. I think it’s one of the better natural, cruelty free, and vegan toothpaste options out there. It makes my mouth feel really clean and has a vibrant mint taste I was happy to receive a back-up tube to have on hand. A deluxe 3 ounce sample size was included in the box.
  • Montagne Jeunesse Cucumber Peel Off Face Masque – To be honest, I have not used this mask and I probably will not. When I read over the ingredient list I was a little shocked at what was included – lots of ingredients I could not pronounce or identify. There are so many amazing and natural face masks out there that I can no longer bring myself to use one that appears to be so full of chemicals. A single use .3 ounce packet was included in the box.
  • Preserve Toothbrush – Because Preserve is one of the few cruelty free toothbrushes available, I have been using one for years. I’m always happy when a staple item of mine appears in any subscription box and this was no exception. A single toothbrush was included in the box.
  • hello Breath Spray in Mojito Mint – This spray tasted very unnatural. I will probably keep it in my purse because I like to always have mints or something similar. But I don’t see myself reaching for it often. I do like the size of the container. I remember when breath sprays used to come in thin, narrow tubes that were very easy to loose in your purse. This size is perfect and the bright green color helps you find it quickly. A full size .24 ounce spray bottle was included in the box.
  • Wellinhand Action Remedies Tangerine Vanilla Astringent Toner – This is another product that I have not yet used. I have combination skin that leans towards dry. Because of this, I am worried that this toner may be a bit too drying for my skin type. A full size 6 ounce spray bottle was included in the box.

The Leaping Bunny Fresh Start Kit contains several full size items and is currently on sale for $27.95. This is actually a really great value! There are multiple items in the box that I have previously purchased on my own and have enjoyed. It you have problematic skin, the skin care items in this box would make it an even better value for you.

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